Satyamev Jayate : Media in all forms should highlight positive achievements in various fields.

In today’s episode of ‘The real man’ in Satyamev Jayate, it would be interesting to research on the background of all the so called males who were responsible for many reprehensible acts to find out whether they had any “powerful connections”—which gave them the daring to, engage in ragging of the worst form.

Since films are a very powerful medium affecting the minds of those who watch them, specially the impressionable ones, it is very essential that correct depiction of women is made.

Similarly, in almost all our movies the Police is shown in bad light , corrupt, merciless and what not. This puts off people from even going near the police station, forget lodging a complaint.

There are rotten eggs everywhere but not all are rotten.

The time has now come to project more positive sides and also highlight the sufferings of people indulging in wrong doings of all sorts. In most of our mega serials the negative characters and their villainous actions are shown for years and all of a sudden, in a span of 3 or 4 days the serial comes to an end with victory to the main characters.

Lots of melodrama throughout the run of the serial without any major troubles for the negative character. This gives a larger than life image to the negative role.

Media in all forms should highlight positive achievements in various fields.

By: Sabesan Ramachandran

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