Land grabs in various forms in ruining the environment, the green cover of Goa.

Goa’s environment is under threat. I had spoken about the garbage problem in my last post. This is about the rampant display of arrogance and an utter disrespect for the law by the real estate developers, locals and politicians alike. If we continue in this fashion – there will be little left of green (or clean) Goa. 

From every account , people speak highly of the outgoing Chief Minister Mr Manohar Parrikar – however I must report rampant irregularities. Here is a report on a few types of violations / rules being being overlooked / possibly (and almost surely) involving bribes and payoffs. All are involved – politicians, the locals , rich outsiders (delhiwallas/mumbaikars). Of course in all the involvement of the local panchayat , the MLA is almost a given.

What is worrisome is that most of the violations have been in the North. The new CM Laxmikant Parsekar is from Mandrem (north goa).

Mr Parsekar, will the situation in Goa get worse or better under your Chief Ministership ?

Threats To The Paddy Fields

This is simple – if you dont use a paddy field for ten years, you can use it for other purposes ! Politicians have used this loophole to buy up paddy fields in prime locations from locals , left it unused and after ten years are free to convert the land by using some other loop hole and political connection. Whenever you see a paddy field that has been given a compound wall – you know what is going on – it is being grabbed for an illegal conversion. Or do it the Mumbai way – lets slums encroach the paddy field – its gets recorded in government records as residences for the poor – and then the politicians take it over.

boundary walls needed for paddy fields Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Paddy Fields Being Given A Boundary Wall For An Illegal Conversion in Anjuna

paddy fields slowly getting cottages and slums Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Slums Encroaching Onto Paddy Fields

paddy fields being gated Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Gated Paddy Field In Badem !! – About to Be Illegally Converted ?

RoadSide Shops Being Created At Will

Whenever roads needs widening , the locals whose shops were on the roads are allocated permanent shops (in lieu or their illegal or encroached one) – This is used by the politicians and their “chamchas”. Look at the badem-assagao junction (four way road), shops have come up on paddy fields right in the corner making the nice spot look horrendous. In a complete contravention of the laws , paddy fields that lay on the side of the roads are now being used for shops. Look at the Siolim junction – right next to the Siolim church – shops have come up in the middle of the road – is this what we are doing to encourage tourism ?

shops in the middle of siolim main road next to church Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Shops In The Middle of The Road In Siolim

illegal shops assagaon badem junction Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Assagaon Badem Junction Ruined By Shops – Encourage Tourism ??

assagao badem junction Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Illegal Shops Allowed By The Panchayat – Assagaon Badem

Hills Being Cut

While the first two law violations were being done by the locals, these are mostly being done by the outsiders. The people from Delhi or Mumbai who are well familiar with greasing palms. Hills are being cut and homes being built.

illegal construction on morjim hills Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Illegal Construction on Morjim Hills

The 2021 master plan

The has created many a local Vadra – get together with your politician – make sure your paddy or orchard land is being converted in the 2021 plan (apparently it takes around 15-30 lakhs of bribe money to convert) to settlement and mint money. The 2021 plan is in total control of the government – instead of being used to further Goa’s environment, it is being used as an excuse to convert green land into residential land. Money, Money, Money…

Concrete Structures On The Beach

These are being added with impunity – from hotels to Nigh Clubs – in face most of Mandrem is illegal – Mr Parsekar – what say you – how was this allowed ? How was this allowed in your own backyard ?


beach construction three storied building Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

A Three Storied Concrete Structure Right on Ashvem Beach – Mr Parsekar how did this happen ??


blue waves club ashvem beach1 Mr Parsekar, Save Goas Green Belt

Blue Wave Night Clun On Ashvem Beach


Mr Laxmikant Parsekar – please do respond !


Please tweet to @LParsekarBJP  ,  @manoharparrikar and certainly to @narendramodi if you feel strongly about this

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