Educational quota for SCs and STs is not only an injustice to generals but to them as well.

Students whom IIT Roorkee expelled and granted a second chance in the recent past accounted for 90% of backward castes (SCs, STs and OBCs).

Under the standards of Indian Government, SCs do manage to get into world-renowned IITs, but thereafter strive hard to survive among general eggheads, who are far more intellectual and merited. Generals pit their intelligence against the mediocre SCs. Academics-pressure and antipathetic-generals gradually pave the way with dead-ends called ‘suicides’.

sc st general Bitter Truth Is That SCs and STs Fail to Be On Par With Generals

What drove IIT Roorkee to expel 73 students was their shoddy performance during semesters. May it has drawn public criticisms but the ‘decision’ in my eyes is quite plausible and tenable. In fact, it enlightens the fact that only, but only merit pulls off in premiers like IITs. Not everyone can absorb technical know-hows but the government of India stays affixed to its biased and irrational praxes.

It was last year when campus of IIT Mumbai met a Dalit-suicide last year. As reported, backlogs kept on heaping up over his head, resulting in death’s victory over patience. The institute said that more than 54% of the students under reservation quota felt discriminate and outsmarted. Their CGPA very much, reflected that as generals stand at 8.09, while OBC, 6.9 and SC/ST 5.9.

The government has to realize that the quota can only dispense them the boat but not teach them to sail. That is, they can’t sail through the 4 years of IIT and even if they do, that is just to survive and fetch a mere 5 CGPA, which simply can’t let them have their chairs in multinational companies. Root of this problem is that majority come from poorly-maintained government schools, which leaves their brain unfertile to grow in the technical environment of IITs.

Rope noose Bitter Truth Is That SCs and STs Fail to Be On Par With Generals

Out of 13.5 lakh JEE aspirants, a meagre 9000 get shortlisted and of which only top 2000 get an appropriate course and the desired location. Symbolically, only .2% of the candidates pass through the highly permeable test of the IITs. Despite being top-notch students, some succumb to the bountiful academics-load and prefer to get aided with either of ‘dope’ or ‘rope’.

Suicide Pic Bitter Truth Is That SCs and STs Fail to Be On Par With Generals

Suicidal desires will keep on befalling upon these students unless the government’s greed for votes does not extinguish.

By Prerna Daga

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