Crop Top is highly in vogue, from Hollywood and now into Bollywood and even shops online. Know why the season of cropped tops is here to stay in India!

Seasons may come and go but one season is here to stay, the crop season it is. You might wonder what crop am I talking about? This is the latest fashion fad called the crop top.

What’s A Crop Top?

A crop top is a top, which is cropped from its bottom making it shorter than the normal length of the top.  It is a short top basically, which will expose your waistline. It depends on what part of your tummy are you comfortable exposing like the navel part or the upper waistline.

crop top vogue Season of the Crop Top Is Here To Stay!


But, you should know how to carry it and you will definitely look sexy wearing this. Worn with mainly high waist pants or high waist skirts, crop tops are suitable for those wanting to show off their toned waistlines. Not really appropriate for the one with flabby love handles, your body type is an important criterion to decide if you can carry the crop top or not.

It would be astonishing to know that a crop top can range from a casual tee to pairing it with formal party clothes. It can be worn even in the gym, as it does not follow the stereotypical fitted top notion. They can be loose or tight depending on the kind of crop top it is. But, it offers so many different styles, which is quite interesting, as there is hardly any top, which can be worn in such a variety.

 swag crop top Season of the Crop Top Is Here To Stay!

 One year back, when I was shopping in Dubai, I saw a short top hanging on a rack in the women’s section of a store named River Island.  My first reaction to that was, who the hell will wear such a short top? Is this meant for babies? But, I did not realize that I am disparaging the next big thing, which is about to create a revolution in the fashion world.

After a few months, I see Hollywood actresses wearing crop tops on the red carpet. Following which, I see all Bollywood beauties flaunting their worked out abs in trendy crop tops at various events like film previews, fashion shows and at their other noteworthy public appearances. 

types of cropped tops Season of the Crop Top Is Here To Stay!

I think our Bollywood beauties have definitely done justice to the crop top trend by carrying it with panache and paring it with good combinations. There were innumerable comparisons made between how Hollywood and Bollywood actresses have done justice to the trend.

 By then, crop top had become the most “in thing” and every girl was on a hunt to shop for the latest summer fashion fad for their wardrobes. 

The journey of the crop top from the west into Asia did not take more than a few months and it has become quite a big trend.  It is now seen that from well-established Indian fashion designers to internationally renowned luxury brands to one of the biggest American fashion retailer, Forever 21, produces crop tops. 

Even, online shopping websites for women’s wear is flourished with crop tops in hundreds of styles supporting the ongoing crop revolution, which has been accepted as one of the biggest seasonal summer trend by women across the globe.

Indian fashion industry has always been inspired from global fashion trends and has also been successful in incorporating such trends in the current market. After the crop top became a hit trend in the fashion world, our Indian designers thought why not mix this style in the traditional Indian lehenga choli.

And now, Crops are not just limited to western wear; the lehenga and choli has more or less been westernized to a crop and a skirt. Not saying that lehenga and choli is out and old, but it definitely has been influenced from the crop revolution and fashionistas are liking and appreciating this change from the traditional. 

ambrosio flaunts crop top Season of the Crop Top Is Here To Stay! 

Wearing a crop and the skirt is quite similar to our lehenga and choli but worn without a chunni is now acceptable as a trend. The combination looks ethnic yet western, which makes it a unique mélange of two cultures.


By: Vidhi Sagar

Image Source: Crop Top, 2, Types of Cropped Tops, Alessandra Ambrosio



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