Why should a news channel, a state broadcaster which competes with private broadcasters, ignore a major event only because of some self claimed ‘champions of secularism?

A live broadcast of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagawat’s annual speech on the occasion of Dussehrsa, which happens to be the founding day of the organization, on Doordarshan (public broadcaster) news channel, has distressed my secularist friends from liberalist and communist opposition.

MohanBhagat PTI Sickularism, Media and Some Political Charlatans!

An unmatched outcry against the broadcast, in the name of secularism and media freedom, ignited a new controversy, spearheaded by the ‘self claimed secularists’ (sickularism) of the members of liberal and ‘so called’ communist parties. They all complain about ‘using state apparatus as a tool’ and against the ‘propagation of Hindutva ideology through state media’.

The decision to broadcast the speech live in a news channel was courageous and will be appreciated. A news channel, state or private, has a commitment and obligation to cover major events, political, religious, sports or any event that it thinks to be newsworthy.

Many believe that the current central government has warm relations with RSS and most of its decisions are monitored and approved from Nagpur and a speech from the chief of that organization, which is dubbed to be the real power centre, is certainly newsworthy.

Why should a news channel, a state broadcaster which competes with private broadcasters, ignore a major event only because of some self claimed ‘champions of secularism’ or ‘defenders of media freedom’ think otherwise?

Who are they, the so called ‘champions of secularism and media freedom’, the communists who idolize Stalin and Stalinism who mercilessly purged millions of minorities in order to assert his political power and whose adored pictures hangs from the walls of every party office in our secular country and you call yourself secular, the ones whose political vengeance and hatred caused the deaths of many including a school teacher who was mercilessly stabbed to death in front of his own students, and you call yourself secular and stand for human values, the ones who share podiums and shower praises for a person infamous for hate communal speeches, one accused of sedition and of multiple bomb blasts which took many lives, in a mediocre effort to appease minorities for petty political gains, and you call yourself secular, the communists who choose electoral candidates on the basis of religion and caste, seek blessings from religious leaders for electoral gains and in the past crafted a hypocritical political deal with the same party [fully aware of its historical background] they now accuse to be communal, and you claim to be secular and if this is the way in which you explain secularism, then under such a definition, I am not certainly a secular person.

secularism india political party Sickularism, Media and Some Political Charlatans!

Who are they, the so called ‘champions of secularism and media freedom’, the liberalists whose own prime minister first and foremost denied media freedom in free India, rigorously and hard-heartedly imprisoned or eliminated hundreds of media persons, undermined state media and used it for political gains, censored news and press for personal political benefits and denied freedom to every Indian citizen, and you now think you are the saviours of media freedom and apostles of personal freedom, the liberalists who mercilessly ordered and carried out a massacre of hundreds of minority people under their own noses in Delhi and many of the convicts to this date not spared a single day in prison or expressed remorse for what they did and you call yourself and your party secular, the ones who have been the champions of political appeasement for years and whose partners feel shy and shame in using the word ‘Ganga’ and you call yourself secular, the ones whose chief minister shower praises for a person infamous for hate communal speeches, a man accused of cheating a nation and a main accused of multiple bomb blasts which took many lives, in a pedestrian effort to pacify minorities keeping a wolves eye in their vote bank and you call yourself secular, the liberalists whose government used a state agency (CBI) as a tool to make political vendettas against its political enemies which invited sharp criticism from the highest judicial institution in the land and you call yourself ‘defenders of freedom’, then under such a definition, I am certainly not a secular person who loves freedom.

Every political party, each and every one in this country, use the credential of secularist agenda for its own political benefits. Now a mere broadcast of a newsworthy programme has made them to wear the old mask of a secularism under which they have always been the real monsters.

Yes, it is your duty to oppose, you are the opposition. But remember that you have also done this if you want to interpret this event in such a rubbish way and you are going do this in future. I bet you will shamelessly defend your actions as you have done in the past.

psuedo secularism media politics Sickularism, Media and Some Political Charlatans!

Before questioning the credibility of a decision of a news channel to air a newsworthy programme, you will have to understand the changed circumstances, the circumstances which brings that organization newsworthy and thus for an inclusive media coverage, the live coverage of a newsworthy programme was necessary. I will certainly back the decision in that viewpoint.

But you have most cleverly given that decision a communal coat. I will certainly endorse and admire criticism of that decision from credible sources, but certainly not yours. The hardcore followers of the liberal party, the ones who wear a secular mask and have betrayed the very echo of secularism all these years, in-genuinely and irrevocably back the policies of that party and its government, irrespective of what they did, what they do and what they will do, flood comes, fire comes and storm comes and even in the height of anti-incumbency factor which you yourselves agree, but pardon me, you had backed them, you are backing them and you will back them and thus you are not going to change.

Your accusations have not been based on real reason for you have not enjoyed any credibility to be reasonable. You will always play the communal card you accuse the others to have played but you will not, ever, recognise the communal card you have played before, you are playing now and you will play in future because you know that in your mind and pretend not to understand it.

Now you claim to be morally superior and accuse those who do not fall under your petty but nasty influence, to be morally inferior. My friends, this is politics. Once you do, once you oppose. You are free to. But secularism is not a mere tool for anyone to make political gains, bend it according to their needs, define it according to their plans and interpret it to suit their policies. The real secularists have always been undermined, deprived and sidelined while the communalists under the dark mask of secularist face controlled the situation. This must change, and I hope it will change.

I will back the decision to broadcast that programme. My support is absolutely based on the event’s newsworthiness and in a media point of view. I do not want to give that decision a communal blush like those paltry secularist hypocrites who have always been great orchestrators of communal politics. Sorry to say that.

By: Ganesh Hari Prakash

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