And the person can’t pretend for long.Likewise Kejriwal’s true colors are out in public.His political side is naked & people would never trust him again.

Those days of ‘Dharana’ rallies around the country capital and eloquently delivered apolitical speeches by Kejriwal portrayed him as a nation-hero who, in the eyes of millions, was a neutral, selfless candidate unconcerned about the vote-bank politics. He somehow made scores of hopeless Indians believe in the existence of apolitical politics. And this aam-aadmi-party was voted to power in Delhi by the influenced ‘janata’ of Delhi. The day since he was anointed to power, he is a changed man. Politics of India sullied him too and he is no more an honest political icon.

arvind kejriwal 15 days fast Once Seemingly Apolitical Kejriwal Turns Full fledged Political

How not, from tweets to interviews, had he reproached the Modi government, as if he was voted to not uplift Delhi but critic central government. In fact, this monstrous messiah couldn’t even sustain healthy terms with his own party members. AAP’s split came soon after the Kejriwal’s rise as Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan abandoned AAP. To top, he failed to accomplish his promises promised to Delhi.

bhushan kejriwal yadav Once Seemingly Apolitical Kejriwal Turns Full fledged Political

To cite the precedent instances where he had politicised the situation to tarnish the Modi government would be too long to make this article lengthy for the readers. For, so many are the occasions. Well, very recently the tumult struck the NIT campus in Srinagar where a violent unrest happened between the valley and non-valley students over the India’s recent defeat in semi-final against West Indies. What followed India’s defeat was Kashmiri students’ celebratory hullaballoo along the campus which in turn incited outstation students to uproar against them. The campus scenario festered on and on forcing in the lathi-charge against the students by policemen. Normalcy is yet awaited in the campus, despite the BJP-PDP endeavors.

Amidst the commotion, one of the tweets that came as a pain to eyes, at least my eyes,was Kejriwal’s tweet criticizing BJP. He impudently attacked BJP of beating the ones, in support of chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, in Kashmir, while beating the ones outside Kashmir for not doing the same.

arvind kejriwal delhi elections Once Seemingly Apolitical Kejriwal Turns Full fledged Political

Was this tweet at all apt? I mean where HRD ministry in cooperation with Mufti Mehebooba is striving hard to terminate the NIT’s outrage, there Kejriwal is bent upon playing his dirty politics and fit his own bill.

They said it right. Never judge book by its cover. Kejriwal is a misinterpreted figure whose true colours are being splashed out with every passing day.

By Prerna Daga

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