2014 Lok Sabha polls was the rise of Narendra Modi. But his rise to power was associated with a lot of unfortunate events that trembled our country.

Narendra Modi was given a horrendous title by his rivals during the last election.

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“Butcher of Gujarat” was a title given to Narendra Modi, the current Prime-Minister of India from Derek O’Brien, spokesperson and a member of parliament of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) which currently rules the state of West Bengal in India.

“The butcher of Gujarat has air-dropped into Bengal” said he after Modi’s rally in Serampore, before the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 which saw Modi being elected to the highest office in India, with an absolute majority. And now for the count:

Gujarat Riots 2002 saw one of the bloodiest massacres in the history of modern India. Mobs armed with the exact addresses of businesses and homes owned by the minority community, started targeting them. Over 5000 -10,000 members of the minority community were killed in this unfortunate frenzy of violence and bloodshed triggered in the aftermath of the Godhra train burning incident.

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Muzaffarnagar riots The clashes between two communities in Muzaffarnagar saw over two hundred people killed and close to a hundred injuries. It was said that it was purposefully engineered by Modi’s party to polarize voters on communal gains in the politically crucial state of Uttar Pradesh to reap electoral benefits. (The BJP did win over seventy seats to the Lok Sabha from UP, which propelled it to power!)

Assam riots 2014 May saw one of the worst violence in Assam between two ethnic and Religious groups. Even women and children weren’t spared and were killed in their sleep. The chief-minister of Assam publicly declared that he saw a conspiracy of Modi, to polarize on religious lines, just before the crucial Lok Sabha elections, which ultimately saw the rise of Modi.

Delhi riots It happened in the heart of India, Delhi’s Trilokhpuri area. Over 50 were killed and hundreds arrested, besides the injured who were easily above five hundred. It was said that they were being triggered to benefit Modi’s party in the Delhi assembly elections.

Attacks on minority places of worship, free thinkers and scholars Since Modi came to power places of worship belonging to the minorities have been attacked, scholars have been murdered in broad daylight, and free speech has been stifled.


So it can be safely said that like in Gujarat, an attempt is being made to decimate progressive forces, crush minority voices, Dalits, tribals and to ultimately Hinduise everyone in India! So will the poor in India survive or capitalism thrive in India?

 And now the Truth/Facts:

The truth is this writer is not a journalist neither a witness to the above mentioned unfortunate events. The numbers and the words have been picked up from various sources on the internet\Google. The numbers have been fudged and fancy figures have been used liberally.

And why was this done? It was an experiment to see how much traction is being generated by writing an outrageous article against Modi.  Never before heard writers are suddenly famous names because of their direct\indirect protest against Modi. It is being said that books which would have sold a few hundred copies are suddenly off the shelves. Faded actresses who were never A-listed stars are suddenly in the news.

Socialites, activists, NGO’s and theater artists who were never a name that was heard amongst the general public of India are suddenly ringing in our ears, thanks to the talk shows! You need followers on Twitter, they are saying writing/tweeting something outrageous implicating Modi either directly or indirectly is a sure shot way.  A queen of talk shows who is busy handling her Page 3 kitty parties in between hopping around the studios, and who proudly represents the common man and woman of India, invites folks to murder her over her actions and tweets!!!

And the Fact is that all religions lead to the same path of universal brotherhood and peace. India belongs to everyone. Any unfortunate incident or a loss of life is a shame to humanity. My entire family since generations were die-hard congress loyalists. I played in an ancestral house where huge portraits of Nehru and Indira Gandhi were hung on the wall. And my family voted en masse for Modi in the last election. It is true that every Prime-minister of India until now has a contribution which she or he made to this great nation.

 As for these figures let the politicians and the various sources play with them as per their guiding agendas. The law of the land and the Supreme court of India, besides the Indian constitution have the supreme word and authority. And let there be peace now!
Author Bio: S Vadwlas is a Software architect based in the US, with an American Masters in Engineering and an undergraduate degree from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), India. He is a contributor to the Times of India. He has completed a writer’s course at the Writers center, Bethesda in Washington DC. His upcoming book Go Clown (Get High Legally!) is a Literary Fiction Comedy set in India, America, Nepal and Thailand. The author can be reached on Twitter at @goclown_book / www.goclown.com


Twitter: @goclown_book

Disclaimer: The author does hold any political affiliations and does not subscribe to any school of thought, besides being completely apolitical.


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