Is the purpose of creating sex ‘is only ‘procreation’ through marriage and not for enjoyment? Check out the real meaning of Sex…

 During my teen age years, whenever I had leisure time, I chose to play games like foot-ball, kabaddi etc. along with my friends. We also went for cycling, mountaineering or even into little exciting science experiments! Gone or those days and the present generation is addicted to an array of tech-driven leisure choices, like video-games, cell phones, cameras etc..But the worst thing that can happen to the teens is happening now. They are offered hot sexy movies at their fingertips .Yes, through cell phones. Just press ‘OK’ button.That’s all it takes, to yield to temptations and see all that a teenager wants to see! Or watch the TV to see bikini-clad women, beauty pageants and ample expose of what can corrupt any holy man!

kid watching porn Sex : Procreation or Recreation

’Sex’ has emerged as  the major ‘time pass’ option and a very powerful tool now, used as a marketing magnet, to sell even men’s shaving cream! It’s gone so bad, even medical items, like pain balm carry pictures of attractive half-dressed women promoting its sale!

College prospectuses are no exemption! Well-dressed girls smiling on the cover pages! Now-a-days most of the movies feed on the spirit of ‘lust’ only. The term ‘woman’ has come to mean only “sex” and “flesh”, not a mother or a sister or soul-mate. ’Sex’ is all that matters now! ‘Sex’ has become the only ‘recreation’ for many!  

Was ‘sex’ really created by God for this purpose?


Genesis Chapter in the Holy Bible gives an account of creation of universe and all life. Gen 1:27 says ‘So God created ……..male and female, he created them’. In Gen 1:28,God reveals why He created male and female. The verse says “God blessed them and said to them’,’ Be fruitful and increase in number;….”

From this verse, it is amply clear that God’s purpose of creating ‘sex’  is only ‘procreation’ and not ‘recreation’. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy sex at all.’ Enjoyment’ of sex, is only incidental and should not be the main ‘objective’. It’s like ‘food’ for ‘living’ and not ‘junk’ for gluttony. Moreover, enjoyment is only with one’s wife as a spiritual companion and regulated by various verses in the Bible.

adultery is a sin Sex : Procreation or Recreation

For example, Proverbs 5. 18.19 says ‘Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe…..’.Regarding ‘sex’ outside marriage, God commands in Exodus 20.14  ’Do not commit adultery’ 

Since ‘sex’ is considered normal and essential ,Bible adds, that the husband and wife , should not deprive each other of ‘sex’.1 Corinthians 7.3 says ‘The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband…’ So God is not against ‘sex’ but  restricts it within the walls of ‘marriage’ clearly.


Can any man look at any girl for ‘time pass’ or as they are attractive? Can a man commit ‘adultery’ just through ‘eyes’?  Now, what does Jesus Christ say about one’s sexual attitude towards women? In Matt.5.28 He  says’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart’.

staring adultery Sex : Procreation or Recreation

God’s standard of holiness is so high that He wants everyone to follow that. Lord says ’Be holy as I am holy’. Sexual sins top the list of “sins’ that Lord hates. When King David, fell into the sin of ‘voyeurism’ of watching Bathsheba  bathing, what he had done ’displeased the Lord’. Heb 13.14 says that’ God will judge the sexually immoral and the adulterous’.


While other ‘sins’ are committed outside the body, ’sexual sins’ are committed against one’s own body vide 1 Cor 6.18.’So flee from sexual immorality’ advises Saint Paul. There are quite a number of verses in Old Testament and New Testament of the Holy Bible, emphasizing the need to be sexual pure. I am not quoting all those for want of space.


Job, another righteous Biblical character, takes ‘sexual holiness’ that serious he makes a covenant (a contract) with his eyes! He tells his eyes ,not to look at any  girl ,other than his wife !“I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin? “Job says in Job 31.1.


 I believe that this message is very relevant for these times, in view of the growing ‘sexual crimes’ in India and everyone’s concern for controlling the same. I feel everyone can make a difference to the situation by their own contribution. How?

Often we think that as a single person I cannot make any difference to the society. We feel that society should change! What can I do after all?

I would like to narrate an interesting story which you might know already. One day, a young man was seen on a long beach alone running here and there. There were a lot of star fishes washed ashore by the waves of the sea. They were thousands in number. All of them were struggling for life.

This young man was seen picking up each one and throwing them back into the sea. Another man came by and saw him doing this continuously. He called him, laughed at him and told him ‘Young man, what are you doing? Do you think you can throw back all the thousands of starfish back into the sea? Do you know that this beach is more than 400 km long? Will you go the entire beach and do the same? Silly, better go home and do something useful!’.

But the young man would not listen and continued his mission of throwing back the star fishes into the sea. Puzzled by the young man’s determination, the other man went near him and asked him curiously ‘Can you just tell me why you are doing it?’

The young man paused, turned back and told the other man ‘Yes, what you said is right. True, I cannot throw back all the thousands, into the sea! BUT I CAN DEFINITELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A FEW STAR FISHES, I HAVE THROWN BACK! I HAVE SAVED THEIR LIVES!’ Those fishes saved by this young man would know what a single individual could MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THEIR LIVES!

sex procreation Sex : Procreation or Recreation

 My dear brothers and sisters, let us remember that God’s purpose of creating ‘sex ‘is only for ‘procreation’ through marriage and not for uncontrolled enjoyment of ‘sex’. So, let us refrain from doing anything that displeases God’s loving heart in this area.

Let us stop watching porn, lusty dances, cabaret and all that tempts us to commit sexual sins. Let us not treat women as ‘sex’ dolls. Let us treat all women with due respect they deserve, as our mother, sister, daughter and a good friend. Let us be the fathers and the brothers who protect our women- folk when they are in distress.

 Let us join our hands together and make India a better place to live!

By: Sundar A.S.

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