Sex Scandals in India – Even RSS Pracharak was caught along with various Congress leaders & Jagjivan Ram’s son…

Love, Sex Aur Dhoka isn’t just a Bollywood film but a reality in Indian Politics. While, some sex scandals didn’t harm anybody, others led to murders and imprisonment and one such sex scandal changed the political map of India. Here we share India’s top 5 sex scandals that took the nation by storm:

Suresh Ram Sex Scandal (1978)

This sex scandal not only changed Suresh Ram’s life but his father Jagjivan Ram’s (the messiah of Dalit and everybody’s favorite) political fortune and India’s political scene. It was year 1977, Indira Gandhi was defeated and Jagjivan Ram of Janata Party became the Deputy Prime Minister under Morarji Desai Government.

maneka gandhi Top 5 Sex Scandals in Indian Politics That Shook the Nation Completely

Maneka Gandhi during the controversy over the photographs of Jagjivan Ram’s son published in Surya in 1977

Unfortunately, naked photographs of Jagjivan Ram’s son Suresh Ram were published in a magazine that revealed Suresh Ram in numerous compromising positions with a girl. Interestingly, the editor of the magazine was Maneka Gandhi, the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi. This sex scandal turned the political fortune of Jagjivan Ram. Soon, the Janata Party was divided into two. Next, the Morarji Desai government fell and Charan Singh became the Prime Minister with the external support of Congress,

Sanjay Joshi Sex Scandal (2005)

Being a RSS pracharak, Sanjay Joshi, the then general secretary of BJP was known for his no nonsense and strict methodology until a VCD and an audio cassette surfaced and changed his life forever. Well, in the VCD he was shown in a compromising position with a woman.

sanjay joshi sex scandal Top 5 Sex Scandals in Indian Politics That Shook the Nation Completely


The audio cassette revealed his talks with the woman about some ‘unfulfilled promise’. It is said that the released VCD was due to politics within the party. Even Narendra Modi was questioned as he had a major fall out with Joshi because of differences between the two.

ND Tiwari Sex Scandal (2009)

Much to our embarrassment we saw ND Tiwari in bed along with three ladies at his official residence when a Telugu channel exposed ND Tiwari in a sting operation. ND Tiwari was the Governor of Andhra Pradesh then. Following the operation he resigned and even apologized to the public.

N D Tiwari sex scandal Top 5 Sex Scandals in Indian Politics That Shook the Nation Completely

Interestingly, ND Tiwari fathered a boy named Rohit Shekhar from a lady named Ujjawala Sharma. However, he kept on denying it until he was forced to take a DNA Test.

Mahipal MadernaBhanwari Devi Sex Scandal (2011)

When Bhanwari Devi  (a nurse and midwife) went missing in 2011, her husband alleged that the then Water Resource Minister Mahipal Maderna was involved in her kidnapping. Interestingly, Bhanwari was trying to strike a deal (monetary benefits in crores) with the minister in return of a video clip that showed her, Maderna and few others in a compromising position. Mahipal was sacked by the Rajasthan Government and later arrested in connection with the Bhanwari Devi murder case.

bhanwari devi sex scandal Top 5 Sex Scandals in Indian Politics That Shook the Nation Completely

Abhishek Manu Singhvi CD scandal (2012)

Congress spokesman and Senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi was caught in a sex scandal after his former driver Mukesh Kumar Lal released a CD of him with a female advocate. The CD allegedly exhibited Singhvi in a compromising position with his female partner inside the hallowed lawyer chambers of SC.

abhishek manu singhvi sex scandal Top 5 Sex Scandals in Indian Politics That Shook the Nation Completely

Singhvi accused the driver of filming the CD secretly and then blackmailing him to make the CD public through media. Next, he approached the Delhi HC to ban the CD alleging that the content in the CD was morphed. Singhvi’s plea led to the banning of broadcasting of the CD. However, the CD was uploaded on YouTube.

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