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Several interesting posts were submitted on our community yesterday and almost all the links trended well. Here are the best of all the trending posts.

The Ugly Mirror: Sex Shops

An article on prostitution- Forced prostitution to be precise. An informative post, the article delved deep into the history of organized prostitution in India. The plight of the sex workers and the government’s neglect in sorting out their problems has been highlighted by the writer. A thought provoking piece, it sheds light on the murky world of Flesh trade in India. Do give it a read on our community.

Jealous Much? Tips to deal with jealousy

A post on how to deal with Jealousy in a romantic relationship. How often did we suffer from pangs of jealousy while in a relationship? I guess everyone had his or hers fair share of it to be able to know the importance of avoiding ‘the green eyed monster’. A well written and a helpful post on how to keep away from such feelings like jealousy, this article is a must read if you are of the ‘jealous types’.

What an image these idiots project abroad!!!

An opinioned article on a recent incident involving an Indian VP of a Singaporean Company, the post makes for an interesting read.

Photo of Millennium: Historical Hug of Narendra Modi and Barack Obama

A short picture post on the now famous picture of Modi and Obama, which became an instant hit on Facebook. If you have missed that photo then click on the link in our community to see it now.

Check out the above mentioned articles along with other interesting posts on our community and feel free to post your own articles and opinions in the community.

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