The recent Tehelka Scandal has seen versions on part of the alleged accused Tarun Tejpal take different shades overnight. From an unconditional apology to a political conspiracy, Tejpal and his lawyer have been trying their best to turn the tides in their favor. One can only wait and watch for the truth to unfold.

The night before last night ended with Tarun Tejpal being the hottest topic in the media and the morning yesterday commenced with the same. Only difference is that Tarun Tejpal seemed like an apologetic fellow with complete regret for this actions (still no sympathies from the author and the public) the night before yesterday but yesterday he just took a u-turn.

Media tarun tejpal Tarun Tejpal to Tehelka: Sexual Assault or Conspiracy?

Media persons outside Tarun Tejpal`s House, in New Delhi on Nov. 23, 2013. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

 Tarun Tejpal moved the Delhi High Court for anticipatory bail. Tejpal’s plea was heard by the HC bench yesterday afternoon and by evening all media personnel had a copy of Tejpal’s exceptional bail plea application and dear what an application it was. From secularism to conspiracy, Tarun Tejpal’s advocate has shown his client in a completely different light in context to this case of Sexual assault.

That the present FIR pertains to false and concocted version of an intimate encounter between two individuals which has been played out as allegations of sexual assault against the Applicant and it is clear that the same are being propelled as part of some mala fide scheme”

The start of the bail plea comes as a shock. Tejpal is calling the victim’s version of events as “falsely concocted”. But the email written by the victim to Tehelka Managing Editor, Shoma Choudhary, is in coherence with the content of Tejpal’s apology email to the victim. The main assumption in this case of SEXUAL ASSAULT was that Tarun Tejpal had admitted to his crime. Although it was reported that Shoma Choudhary had advised Tejpal to apologize to the victim, it is highly unlikely that Tejpal would’ve done that and then gone off in ‘recluse’ had he been innocent. However now Tejpal’s advocate in the bail application writes that this entire case is “…part of some mala fide scheme”. Well that’s some change from the very same guy who until a couple of nights back had written ‘…penance that lacerates’ to the victim.


As we read further, the plea goes to the extent of citing the Constitution of India, because the media’s bashing of Tejpal seems to be a part of the ‘mala fide scheme’ to lower his reputation.

It is pertinent to note here that as the mandates contained in Article 21 of the constitution places human rights and dignity for human life at the highest pedestal and the principle of an accused being presumed innocent till proven guilty.

Even due process of law cannot alter the fact that Tejpal had admitted to his ‘actions’. So after reading this we are left to only assume one thing: Tarun Tejpal now thinks that he has done nothing wrong. The most interesting part and the game changer of this entire case is the application’s mention of the both malignment and BJP in the same context.


The Applicant is no stranger to conducting various sting operations against prominent members of the Political Executive of the BJP…exposing the role of prominent party leaders and the manner in which BJP was attempting to buy over crucial eye witnesses and scuttle fair investigation in the Gujarat riot case

Tejpal probably would’ve mentioned Narendra Modi also but stopped short. Tehelka and Tejpal are known for their investigative content about the BJP and bias for the Congress. That is fine for another day’s discussion but how this case of sexual assault took its course to include the BJP leaves me completely stumped.  So based on the bail plea, one of the reasons for being granted a pre-arrest bail is because Tarun Tejpal was responsible for conducting sting operations through his magazine and exposing the BJP.

BJP protest Tarun Tejpal Tarun Tejpal to Tehelka: Sexual Assault or Conspiracy?

BJP Mahila Morcha activists protest against Tehelka news magazine editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal who is facing an accusation of sexually assaulting a junior colleague during a conference organised by the magazine in Goa earlier this month, in Hyderabad on Nov.27, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Tejpal’s smugness in his application is apparent. By diverting the direction of this case from sexual assault to political conspiracy, Tejpal has committed character suicide and left the victim and the public in surprise. From once being apologetic Tejpal in his bail plea has called the events that happened in Goa as:-

It is pertinent to note here that the said encounter was only light-hearted bantering…but the same lasted for few seconds and contained no incident which could constitute the commission of a cognizable offence”

He leaves everyone in complete repulsion by involving political parties to shield his sexual assault on the woman journalist.

Moreover, the manner and the scale on which a particular political party has unleashed the wrath of its vengeance upon the Applicant in the garb of the present FIR is synonymous with the previous attempts of the BJP to malign and target the Applicant and the same is apparent by the statements issued by various party leaders.

Tejpal’s accusation of malignment by the BJP government in Goa and the party itself shows only that Tejpal is desperate to avoid going to prison and that creating a ‘Tehelka’ among the masses by putting in a new (and rather weak and repulsive) twist to his self confessed crime of sexual assault would save him from being put behind bars.

The Delhi HC will give its order with regard to Tejpal’s bail plea on Nov 29. Till then more will unfold surely.

By Sameedh Sharma

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