In spite of being imbued with liberal ideas, people still seem to be tethered by a parochial understanding of sexuality. 

In spite of being imbued with liberal ideas, people still seem to be tethered by a parochial understanding of sexuality. Bereaved of logic and rationality, we tend to draw conclusions without pondering over the rudiments of a particular concept. Being a part of a section of the society, which is essentially driven into a cocoon owing to a definite behavioral pattern and lifestyle, is never a child’s play, especially in a country like ours where one gets chided because of his or her choice to think out of the box.

Homosexuality or choosing to love a person of the same sex has always been a contested topic specifically in a close knitted country like ours, where people breathe for their traditions and customs rather than for themselves.

ellen degeneres wife homoseuality Sexuality: A Psychological Makeshift

Even though we Indians are trying to don a liberal attire, the thought process remains the same across the board. The moment we tend to follow a deserted alley, our deeply entrenched principles tend to bereave us of our freedom to think the way we want to, freedom to feel the way we choose to.

Coming out of the closet is a task in itself, a duel that might lead to dismantling oneself from the greater being. Tainted and tarnished from hilt to toe, a person loses his confidence to realize his real being, his preferences. 

Despite our Indian film fraternity is trying hard to propagate the normalcy of the idea of being gay, it tends to ridicule the concept while doing so. Instead of being the forerunner of a new idea, the film industry seems to stereotype this particular community.

Be it Abhishek bacchan‘s kinky character in Dostaana, or Govinda’s dialogue in Partner, “Bas yahi apradh main har baar karta hoon..aadmi hoon, aadmi se pyaar karta hoon,” tend to deride the idea of love and especially when falls for the person of the same sex.

kissy%2Bface dostana Sexuality: A Psychological Makeshift

Sexuality, an idea essentially a result of a physical embodiment has reduced our horizon to a peephole. One’s physical appearance cannot determine one’s freedom to love someone. Whether it’s our psychological creation or a hard hitting dogma practiced since time immemorial, has made the idea of love stringent.

I am sure each and every one of us might have gone through a situation, where we might have found our soul mate in a person belonging to the same sex. But have we ever pondered upon the possibility of sticking to that person for the rest of our lives? Or even if we did, we rebuked ourselves for thinking about such a possibility as it is worth a strict penalty?  In spite of sharing the most beautiful moments with the person, we seem to tether our ability to love as it reaps us off our sanity or morality?

Love is a metaphysical and an abstract concept. An idea that comforts us, a feeling exemplifying eternity, but yet we tend to reckon it on the basis of sexuality that is essentially physical. Instead of chasing and protesting the idea of freedom, one needs to understand and feel love.

Instead of compartmentalizing a society on the basis of physical embodiments, one should spread love across the board. Love is homogenous; it’s a treasure trove borne by each and every soul on this earth, bereaved of the conception of sexuality. Section 377 wouldn’t have been a contested idea if human beings were apprised of the art of love. 

Learn to love, learn to live!

By: Sreyashi Mazumdar

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