Shagun has been a good mother so far – But will Pihu’s love make her an antagonist yet agian in YEH hai Mohabbatein?

Over the years, Shagun Arora changed in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. From a selfish woman she turned into a good human and even tried to help Ishita and Raman. Interestingly, she even became surrogate mother for IshRa just because Ishita helped her children so much and loved them more than her. As a thankful gesture, she could do nothing but help them by becoming their surrogate mother.

Shagun Arora did turn out to be a good friend and surrogate mother. However, Ruhi disappeared and the entire blame came on Ishita. Raman Bhalla blamed Ishita for everything and so Ishita felt so guilty that she not only left Raman Bhalla but also her newborn baby.

raman shagun ishita Will Shagun Become an Antagonist Again In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Shagun Has a Strong Attachment With Pihu and Pihu Loves Her Unconditionally

Pihu has no idea who the haar waali aunty is. She has no idea why she wants to take her away from her mom and dad. All she knows is that her mother is Shagun and her father is Raman. She loves them both and doesn’t want to be separated from them. Pihu also expressed her concern with Shagun and this is when Shagun asked her to tell the haar waali aunty to get away from their life forever. She told Ishita to go away from where she had come on the insistence of Shagun.

pihu shagun yhm Will Shagun Become an Antagonist Again In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

It was Shagun’s planning to convey it to Ishita through Pihu. Yes, Shagun knows that Pihu loves her and she will use her love now to keep Ishita at bay.

Shagun Will Now Use Pihu to Distance IshRa and Get Close to Raman

Shagun had gone Australia to find Ishita. However, post finding Ishita, her love for Raman and Pihu increased. She now wants to be with them legally and officially. This is the reason why she is happy that Raman will be marrying her despite knowing the fact that Raman can only love Ishita and nobody else.

shagun pihu Will Shagun Become an Antagonist Again In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

While, nobody is happy with Raman’s decision to marry Shagun including her own son Aditya, Shagun knows she can use Pihu’s love as her strength. She knows Pihu is attached to her and so she can use Pihu to get close to Raman. No wonder, Raman loves Pihu the most in the world and he can never say “no” to her. Shagun thinks she can use Pihu’s love to marry Raman and distance him for Ishita forever.

Will Shagun Again Become an Antagonist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

She is not like before but it seems that Shagun is becoming selfish and jealous again and this time she wants Pihu and Raman. She wants them with her and so she is becoming a barrier against Ishita. Ideally, she should have rejected Raman’s proposal but she didn’t. She is once again thinking about herself and this can indeed turn her a negative character though we hope that she will realize her mistake before it is too late.

ashok shagun yhm Will Shagun Become an Antagonist Again In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Also, we think Raman cannot be so harsh to Ishita again and again. After all, he loves her and is still angry that she left him and went again. So, it wouldn’t be late when Raman will realize Shagun’s one sided love for him and his love for Ishita.

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