Shakuni is shown getting into magadh, the kingdom of Jarasandh which is factually incorrect. Here, find the complete story of Jarasandh…

Jarasandh may have a cameo in Mahabharat but he had a vital role to play. Afterall he was the king of Magadha and had a strong animosity with the Yadava clan. The reason for his bitter feelings was Krishna and only Krishna. You may wonder why Krishna? He was the one who always supported the good, wasn’t he?

The Animosity Between Jarasandh & Krishna

Well, but in the case of Jarasand, Lord Krishna was a villian. Why? Well, because, Krishna had killed his infamous brother in law who of course was the maternal uncle of Krishna. Yes, I’m talking about Kans with whom Jarasandh had married not one but two of his sisters. So, for obvious reasons he had a personal grudge against him. This made him attack Mathura not once but many a times. This was the sole reason why Lord Krishna shifted his capital from Masthura to Dwarka not because he was afraid but to avoid unnecessary loss of innocent lives. Again, this was also the reason why Krishna adviced Yudhisthr that Jarasandh was a major obstacle for his Rajasuya Yagna.

On the other hand, Krishna had even got a secret mail from 95 kings who were prisoned by Jaransandh that no sooner Jarasandh get five more kings as a prisoner, he would soon kill all the 100 kings just for his yagna to impress Lord Shiva. Jarasandh believed that sacrificing 100 kings for the yagna would make him so powerful that he would then easily defeat the Yadava army. Krishna wanted to save those 95 kings and also help the Pandavas.

Bhima Slays Jarasandha Jarasandh puts Shakuni Duryodhan in Magadh Prison   Fact or Fiction?

So taking into consideration both the events, Krishna then decides to send Bheem to fight with Jarasandh in a wrestling match where Jarasandh is eventually kiled in a battle of 14 days. This was all about Jarasandh, the king of Magadh as far as Mahabharat is concerned.

The Story of Jarasandh in Star Plus Mahabharat

However, the current Mahabharat of Star Plus or should I say the Starbharat have all together differet story. Perhaps they are trying to put a little bit of Masala and not letting us to miss Kauravas even for a singlle episode. That is why we see Shakuni, Duryodhan and Dushashan planning to meet Jarasandh to form an alliance. It is another story that the mighty king arrest the trio.

Perhaps, the makers wanted to show that the great king of Gandhar Shakuni and his nephews were part of the 95 kings that were arrested. How very imaganiery! But the imagination doesn’t end here – Karna gets to know about this arrest, he comes to rescue the trio like the loyal friend should do. Here, there is a fight between Karn and Jarasandh and he defeats Jarasandh and makes him bandhi.

Now where on earth did Karn came in the picture? Uff!!!!! This is becoming more of a story and less of a mytholgical story. Should I thank the new Mahabharat for giving me this fictionary piece or should I request the kids who seem to using this story as a reference to Mahabharat that, “Please do not believe what you see?”

Jarasandh Shakuni Krishna Jarasandh puts Shakuni Duryodhan in Magadh Prison   Fact or Fiction?

Next, Shakuni tries to put fuel to ignite Jaransandh by talking about Karn’s power to use against Krishna and to become the samrat. Jarasandh seems to be impressed by his manipulating mind and thinks of killing 100 yadavas, vowing that 101st will be Krishna. Woohoa what a distorted history and mythology for the audiences.

This is so funny and also irritating at the same time. Shakuni advising Jarasandh and Jaransadh listening to him. In that case tomorrow somebody else will say that Bali adviced Ravana to kidnap Sita in Ramayana. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, that’s precisely my feeling when I saw all this imaginery plot of Jarasandh.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Bhim Slays Jarasandh By India (Delhi Agra area) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

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