Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishna’s Death as shown in Suryaputra Karan?

TV serials are strange especially those narrating history and mythology. These serials can never stick to the original plot. Deviation is their middle name. While almost all the serials in this genre have shown imaginary plots, Sony TV’s Suryaputra Karn is the worst of the lot, here anything can happen at any time and phase.

For Instance, the great planning to kill Lord Krishna by Shakuni. Yes, that’s correct Shakuni in the serial is planning to kill Lord Krishna, the supreme.

suryaputra karn shakuni Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishnas Death?

Shakuni’s Enemy Was Bheeshma

The brother of Gandhari and the prince of Gandhar (later king), Shakuni was very intelligent and equally devious. His prime agenda to stay in Hastinapur was to see its doom day. This is the reason why he stayed in Hastinapur throughout his life despite being the King of Gandhar.

bheeshma pitamah Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishnas Death?

During his stay, he corrupted the minds of Kauravas against the Pandavas, not because he hated Pandavas but he wanted to see.Hastinapur’s destruction. No wonder, he wanted a revenge from Bhishma who had compelled his sister to marry a blind Dhritarashtra. Besides, Bheeshma’s ancestors had defeated Gandhar kingdom. So, the real enemy of Shakuni was not Pandavas but Bheeshma and the entire Hastinapur.

Shakuni Knew Lord Krishna Is His Hurdle

From the very start, he corrupted Duryodhan and Kauravas mind so that they fight against their own cousins Pandavas. The fight amongst the coysins would bring destruction to Hastinapur and this was the real plan of Shakuni. No, he didn’t care much about his nephews nor did he had any animosity against the Pandavas.

Shakuni Mahabharat1 Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishnas Death?

However, each time he would initiate something, it would fail mainly because Lord Krishna, the Pandavas’ cousin helped them every time. Shakuni would know it would be difficult to make Lord Krishna lose as he supported and shielded the Pandavas always. In fact, he even knew that Kauravas would eventually lose out still he pushed them into the cliff. Yes, because his ultimate aim was destruction of Hastinapur.

Shakuni Never Planned Krishna’s Death

Now isn’t this funny even to imagine that Shakuni masterminded Lord Krishna’s death whose power he was very well versed with? No wonder, Lord Krishna was a supreme being and almost everybody knew about his powers. Shakuni was wicked, cunning but he was certainly not a fool to plan something weird and useless like killing Vasudev Krishna.

shakuni krishna shiva Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishnas Death?

He might have tried to outsmart him, trick him, and even divert his attention but it was almost impossible for Shakuni to plan Vasudev Krishna’s death as Shakuni knew his shortcomings. He would not even dare to do such illogical activity. Wonder, why the serial Suryaputra Karn is getting so over excited about Shakuni.

Gandhari Was a Krishna Devotee

Shakuni had immense love and respect for his sister Gandhari and it was because of her that he wanted a revenge from Bhishma. But his sister Gandhari was a huge Krishna Bhakt. So, even if he didn’t like Krishna, he would know about the powers of Krishna from his sister we suppose.

Suryaputra Karn shakuni pic Did Shakuni Plan Lord Krishnas Death?

Lastly, Shakuni always considered Vasudev Krishna as an obstacle to his plan as he always came at the right time to shield the Pandavas. It was because of Lord Krishna, he failed every time in his missions. However, he never dared planning even more futile things like the killing of Vasudev Krishna.

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