Sharad Pawar is the one who split from Congress on the Sonia Gandhi`s foreign origin issue and set up NCP, his separate political party.

Who`s In The Dock today? Sharad Pawar. For his dishonest comments on Mr Narenadra Modi. He says, Modi can never become Prime Minister of this country? Because he has to take moral responsibility for 2002 Gujarat Riots. He says every Chief Minister has to take the responsibility of riots in his/her state. Fair enough Mr Pawar. Let us go back and check the history on riots. I remember just sometime back his NCP Minister Praful Patel told the media when asked about Narendra Modi and 2002 Gujarat riots. And he told media this … ” Since the court has given him the clean chit, we think the matter should be put to rest now. Why are we discussing 2002 Gujarat riots? We should move ahead now

Sonia Gandhi Manmohan Singh Sharad Pawar Report To The People Sharad Pawar And His Dishonesty

This was a clear change in NCP position from the earlier one. But the Chief of NCP seems to have changed his party`s position now that NCP has finalized to go with the corrupt Congress in 2014 elections ? Earlier positions by NCP seems to have taken only to scare Congress to increase the NCP bargaining power on seat arrangement in national elections with Congress. This is typical of NCP leader Sharad Pawar who you should never take seriously on any political posturing.

But I am on the larger issue here on the comments made By Mr Pawar to media about Narendra Modi and fixing moral responsibilities. It is good Mr Pawar has raised this issue on moral responsibilities when you are heading the state or even heading the country. you are accountable and answerable to people. Fair enough. He says, Modi must take moral responsibility on 2002 Gujarat riots? And he thinks the blot on him of Gujarat Riots will never make him the Prime Minister of this country. This sounds more like an absurd mockery. Who is taking high moral ground ? Mr Sharad Pawar? Or even Mr Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? This stand of their exposes them of their dishonesty and their hypocrisy. Today, this commodity called high morals, is a rare commodity among the political class. But is it now coming cheap from China ? Because even Rahul Gandhi, many leaders from Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD too keep talking about High Moral Standards in politics? Who are they fooling by raising questions on Narendra Modi? Sharad Pawar is the one who split from Congress on the Sonia Gandhi`s foreign origin issue and set up NCP, his separate political party.

And who is he in partnership with TODAY ? Enjoying power? The SAME Sonia Gandhi led government. On which high Moral ground Mr pawar is enjoying power in the center? Is it not true that the power is more important than morals for Mr Pawar? And when Mr Pawar was in Congress… who has taken moral responsibility for 1984 riots when on the first day over 3000 innocent Sikh men, women and children were burnt alive, stabbed, mercilessly killed to death ? Have you taken moral responsibility Mr Pawar? Has anyone from his Congress friends taken the moral responsibility? Congress party MP Sajjan Kumar and Trade Union leader Lalit Maken Congress (I) leader Shyam Tyagi’, H. K. L. Bhagat, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Balwan Khokhar, a local Congress (I) party leader, Shankar Lal Sharma, an active Congress party supporter, Sultanpuri, Brahmanand Gupta, the president of the A-4 block Congress Party, P.K. Tripathi, president of the local Congress Party were all Congressmen directly involved in the 1984 Sikh massacre .

The CBI recently told the court that during the riots Sajjan Kumar had said that “not a single Sikh should survive”. It also said that Delhi police kept its “eyes closed” during the riot as it was pre-planned. At that time, Mr Sharad Pawar, where were you? Did anyone from Congress party take moral responsibility and resigned ? Did you ask this same question to Congress which you are raising today on Narendra Modi? Did you not enjoy high cabinet positions in the central government with Congress ? On what moral grounds was he enjoying all the powers when his own Congress men were directly involved in 1984 Sikh massacre ? Has anyone from Congress taken the moral responsibility for 1984 Sikh Riots from Congress leadership ? Is any Congressman convicted and sent to jail after 30 long years ?

What moral responsibility Mr Sharad Pawar is talking about in case of Modi? What about Congress leader Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister that imposed 21-month Emergency Rule in 1975 ? Was it not a fascist act when Congress leader acted no less than a Dictator like Hitler? All constitutional rights were suspended by her and there was Mughal Raj by Sanjay Gandhi himself without any official position in the government ? Thousands of political leaders, journalists, editors were thrown in the jails without the right to approach the courts for justice? Isn’t that same fascist Congress Mr Sharad Pawar you are working in political alliance with? The same fascist Congress in governance and you are enjoying powers in the center? Has he ever taken moral responsibility for Emergency Rule imposed on the people of India when criminal excesses were committed by police and intelligence during 21 months of Emergency? Has Mr Sharad Pawar taken the moral responsibility for 1984 Sikh riots? And Bhagalpur Riots during Congress Rule? Assam Riots under Congress rule? What moral right Mr Pawar has to raise a finger at Mr Modi who has been grilled by Supreme Court Inquiry commissions not once but several times and the court did not find any evidence against Narendra Modi about his direct or indirect involvement in 2002 Gujarat Riots. Court delivered a judgement after thoroughly studying SIT findings that there is no shred of evidence against Mr Modi and all cases against him are fabricated, false and baseless for want of solid evidence. Why is Shard Pawar, Kapil Sebal, Salman Khurshid, Rahul Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, are not taking moral responsibility for their own criminal past ? Why are they fooling people by telling lies? To get votes? Why this dishonesty in politics? Why cant they have the courage to face the truth?

Why an innocent is blamed, grilled, tortured for the last 12 years? Who is really in the Dock today? It is You and your dishonest Congress Mr Sharad Pawar. Not Narendra Modi. It is Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with whom you are enjoying powers, they need to be in the dock, not Narendra Modi. It is the Prime Minister of this country Dr Manmohan Singh who is dishonest to the core taking moral responsibility as a Congressman for 1984 Riots, 1975 Emergency Rule. Not Narendra Modi. Do not tell lies to people of this country. Today you all are in the Dock. Not Narendra Modi. 2014 Elections will not let you go scot-free. You will be penalized for being dishonest.

By Ajay Angre

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