So a few days back I watched a movie, not for the first time though, and it happens to be a classic “The shawshank redemption.”

I have always wondered why certain things are called classics, certain novels, certain people and certain movies. What is it about them that qualify them to be a classic? Well what I believe is that classic is anything that leaves an imprint, an impression in the minds of people for a long period of time or sometimes even permanently.

classical movie The Shawshank Redemption   Redeeming Thyself

It’s something that makes a difference to somebody’s life or even to society as a whole by giving a message of positivity or of hope. So a few days back I watched a movie, not for the first time though, and it happens to be a classic “the shawshank redemption.”

The shawshank redemption is the story of a man Andy Dufresne, who stays in a prison for 20 long years, accused for a crime that he has not even committed. And despite being innocent this man instead of crying about the injustice or instead of playing a victim, chooses to take charge of his life.

He accepts the fact that he cannot change the circumstances and thus the only choice left for him is to accept what he cannot change and make the most of what he has. He chooses to stay positive even in the most adverse conditions. And not only this, he uses his time helping others as well.

It’s as if his positivity is almost infectious. He builds a library inside the prison and helps many inmates in the prison to get a basic degree of education. The beauty of the movie is itself in the message that this man gives to the people around him, and to all the ones who are watching him. Put in one word, the message is simple yet a very powerful one and something that we all can use, its ‘hope’.

We live in a time, where we are running after things, after success, achievements, money, fame etc. etc. We want it all and we want it fast, And there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean isn’t that what we all strive for, but the problem is the desperation that comes along with it. Yes, I believe we live in the most desperate times of all.  We want it all and we are fighting not just with others to get what we want but we are fighting with ourselves as well. There’s so much, so much pressure that we face today that it’s very easy to crumble under the pressure and lose hope.

This movie shows beautifully that no matter what situation you are in, no matter how difficult things get, no matter how badly you want to quit, you always have a choice in life. And as he puts it beautifully:

shawshank redemption quotes 1 The Shawshank Redemption   Redeeming Thyself

You can either chose to play a victim of your circumstances or you can chose to rise above it all and keep going until you get there. So never lose hope, because:

shawshank redemption quote 1 The Shawshank Redemption   Redeeming Thyself

By: Natasha Bodh

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