Shazia Ilmi says the Congress has been cheating the Muslims

It would seem that the BJP’s twitter trolls have taken over the campaign – trending #ArrestShazia as a reply to #ArrestTogadia – that too without thinking (there is little to compare the two).

shazia ilmi vs togadia Shazia Ilmi   Congress is Cheating The Muslims

What did Shazia say ? –That Congress is cheating the Muslims” – which I strongly believe to be true. Congress has simply been using them as a vote bank and has tried in fact to keep them as backward as possible (as then the vote bank stays).  

It is high time that the minorities realize that they are being cheated by the Congress and not vote for them – This is the statement of Shazia Ilmi.

Does this not in fact fit in with the BJP goal of Congress Mukt Bharat ? If the minority votes go the Aam Aadmi Party then India would indeed be Congress Mukt.

The BJP should instead focus on what she has said and not on technicalities of one of her statements. The country for sure needs more progressive minority leaders like Shazia Ilmi or else it will have to deal with the likes of Azam Khan’s or the Owaisi’s of the world (or the Togadia’s for that matter)


Indrajit Chatterjee

Image Source: Shazia Ilmi , Praveen Togadia

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