Shazia Ilmi quit AAP in May of this year. Recently she went on record to praise Narendra Modi and turned up at a BJP event. Does she plan to join the BJP?

shazia ilmi Shazia Ilmi Praises Narendra Modi, Turns Up at BJP Event

  1. Shazia Ilmi was long known as one of the firebrand leaders of the AAP (Aam AAdmi Party) and was a member of the party’s National Executive. She moved from media to activism to politics and was fielded by her party for the RK Puram Constituency for the assembly elections in Delhi. She stood from Ghaziabad for the Lok Sabha elections this year but lost to General V K Singh of the BJP.
  2. Ilmi quit the AAP in May of this year along with Capt Gopinath because of reasons such as “increased differences”, “crony clique” and “lack of inner party democracy” being cited as her reasons for leaving. Her leaving the party added to the general turmoil and disintegration of the party that all of India had come to regard as a genuine and real alternative to mainstream political parties of the country.
  3. Her increasing differences with Arvind Kejriwal and what she perceived as the party’s repeated use of “sensationalism” to get attention were among the reasons she gave for quitting the party.
  4. Shazia Ilmi has recently been seen to cozy up to the BJP – she has publicly appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s work; particularly the recently launched “Swachchh Bharat” or Clean India campaign, calling this a “great mission” and said she was happy to be part of it.
  5. She also praised Modi for invoking Gandhi, particularly among cadres that traditionally do not like Gandhi. She feels that “he is taking up cudgels against the hate-mongering divisive lobby in the RSS” which she welcomed. (Source – DNA)
  6. Ilmi further added fuel to the speculation when she turned up at the BJP’s Clean India campaign event. She said that she was asked to be one of the 9 nominees for the event and when she heard that Uma Sharma and Padmashree K K Aggarwal and DU Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh were to be a part of the event she willingly agreed to lend her support to the event (Source – Indian Express)
  7. She was seen to be sharing a stage with other BJP leaders at the event and it is this that has fueled speculation about her having forgotten her professed ideological differences with the BJP.
  8. Speculation is also rife that Shazia Ilmi could contest the New Delhi seat. A BJP leader was recently quoted as saying the following: “If fresh elections are held and Shazia contests against Kejriwal, it will be the most-watched election in the national capital.” Whether lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung invites the BJP to form the government in Delhi or declares fresh elections, Ms Ilmi will be someone to watch out for.


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