Corporate life wedded with him, fueling his partition with her. She yells and yens for his scarce ‘time’.

He had all,

precisely, all

corporate fraud She Has All But Not His Time

The corporately vested persona;

a penthouse pecking at the sky;

drop top to drive horizon-ward;

and solitaire to hem in her dainty finger.


andaman2 1782057i She Has All But Not His Time

Quintessentially, that was all,

but it did not suffice her all the same.

alone her She Has All But Not His Time

The corporate, wedded to him;

silence festooned in the penthouse;

the tyres slumbered in shelter;

and solitaire, smothered in cube.


Yes, she had all,

except his ‘time’.

By Prerna Daga

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