Money or daughter? Money was the call for Indrani Mukerjea.

The murder which is atop in the rungs of headlines and a pertinent and a consistent debate on news channel is the mysterious murder of Sheena Bora that had let each brain to cudgel. This murder is no same as the typical murders, for the womb that spawned a life ended that. A mother could be the murderer, could be the hater, could be the foe, yes, could be.

Sheena Bora Indrani Mukerjea2 Sheena Bora  The Unluckiest Daughter To Have Mother As Murderer

Sheena Bora, who reportedly was the extension of Indrani and her first husband Siddhartha Roy was introduced as a sibling to Indrani. Sheena settled in Mumbai with a job in Mumbai Metro One and allegedly, cooked up a relationship (2009-2012) with Peter Mukerjia’s son Rahul (from first wife). When Indrani learnt of their relationship, there befell an absurd split between two. Rahul was texted reading ‘breakup’ on 24th April 2012. Thereon, Sheena was nowhere seen and as claimed by indrani, was sent to US for higher studies. Hence filed was the first missing report.

sheena murder case Sheena Bora  The Unluckiest Daughter To Have Mother As Murderer

Words from mother, huh? Murderer, Better

“I hated her”, are the most awful mothers that a mother could ever utter and Indrani had. Mere 3 words said all that not even a lengthy page could have summed up. She divulged out a lot more about their cold relationship. She said that both of them had quite a lot of differences based on personal and financial issues. In fact, the mother, nay, murderer, was intermittently blackmailed by sheena  over revelation of Indrani’s lewd past. I had transferred a huge amount of money in Sheena’s account and she (Sheena) refused to return it, claimed Indrani. Their every conversation culminated in squabbles, said Indrani.

Indrani Mukerjea Sheena Bora  The Unluckiest Daughter To Have Mother As Murderer

Words from Illicit father, Siddhartha

Again a twist to the story is that Siddharta and Indrani never hitched up. Both the progenies were illicit and came into existence during the affair. He also added that what according to him led to Sheena’s death was the hunger of his ex’, for money. “Indrani was very money-minded woman”, Siddharta said, and added, hence it’s quite possible if she is the murderer. He also declared that he would undergo DNA tests as well if the question comes on proving him as Sheena’s father.

From Plotting Till the Murder

Indrani’s driver Shyam Manohar Rai unveiled the detailed planning of the murder. Indrani plotted Sheena’s murder and her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna executed the murder in Pen Tehsil of Raigad district in Maharashtra. Rai was being taken to Gagode village by Indrani on 23 April and Sanjeev Khanna (second husband) too was pinged. The trio then received Sheena from Bandra and Sheena was strangled in the car itself by Sanjeev. The dead body was squeezed inside the bag and placed inside the boot of car. The car was then steered to a secluded forest in the village where body was set ablaze and disposed.

sheena sanjeev Sheena Bora  The Unluckiest Daughter To Have Mother As Murderer
By Prerna Daga

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