Shilpa has consistently worked hard on all aspects of life – the gruelling demands of being an actor, hew own diet and yoga programme, a businesswoman, a hands on mother, and the strong better half.

This trail blazer needs no introduction – Shilpa Shetty is a woman who inspires, succeeds like no other, guides and recently redefined the phrase “yummy mummy”. We see Shilpa sporting a big green emerald ring on her pinky finger which accordingly to astrology can catapult one to unimaginable heights of fame and success. However, I believe her success is completely attributed to her hard work, being brave enough to take risks, a sound business mind and strong, unflinching family support  – and Yes! Yes! Yes!   beauty and a figure to die for!

Shilpa Shetty Star Parivaar Awards Shilpa Shetty   The Goddess Of Diet And Yoga

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during the 11th Star Parivaar Awards in Mumbai on June 15, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Prior to marriage and  motherhood Shilpa rose to international fame with her winning a season of the British Big Brother –accepting this assignment displayed her risk taking abilities which is almost always a precursor to success. There was no way of telling if she would have won let alone become an international super star. Contestants on Big Brother worldwide, even the ones who have subsequently gone on to win the show have not reaped such stupendous benefits. Most have had pretty humiliating experiences and have now gone into celluloid oblivion. At this high point in her life she meets the dashing, charismatic and successful British Indian Raj Kundra and ties the knot.  Soon after we see this power couple putting their heads and hearts together and spawning some powerful businesses/ideas.

Shilpa Shetty Raj Kundra Shilpa Shetty   The Goddess Of Diet And Yoga

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty with her husband Raj Kundra during the celebration of Sridevi 50th birthday  (Photo::: IANS)

Shilpa releases her popular diet and yoga DVD and inspires millions of women to take on the path of healthy lifestyle and exercise through yogic pranayama and asanas.  She is the FIRST actress in Bollywood with the confidence and conviction to share her diet, exercise and lifestyle chioce through this DVD and encourage women to use yoga to  integrate their mind and body leading to a healthier and happier person. This is the power of celebrity – who through their deeds can do both harm and good – and in the case of Shilpa, I have observed her reaching out to her audience and society at large through positive actions.

Then comes another big moment in her life – the birth of her son – Viaan.  I still remember the beautiful smile she flashed at the paparazzi as she walked out of the hospital with her bonny baby   alongside her husband – A smile brimming with joy and happiness. Shilpa enjoyed the first blush of motherhood and as things stabilised made some time to get back into shape and take on her responsibilities as owner and ambassador of the IPL team – the” Rajasthan Royals” and other innumerable professional commitments. This is where her forte lies – beneath that smile and serenity is a mind and body that work hard. To drop her post pregnancy weight  she went back to her love of yoga and adopted a well balanced diet along with traditional cardiovascular exercise like cross trainer, treadmill etc.  Ten months after the birth of her son – Shipa looses all the pregnancy weight through hard work – no gimmicks here and is ready to face the cameras again – but wait this time the lady chooses to be behind the camera as producer of her first production – Dishkiyaaoon.

Today there are few women in India who are role models – someone who can empower women to juggle the demands of a career, mother hood, marriage etc … Shilpa has consistently worked hard on all aspects of life – the gruelling demands of being an actor, a businesswoman, a hands on mother, the strong better half (and I am not taking anything away from Raj) and continuing to add on more dimensions to her professional and entrepreneurial development.

Shilpa packs a punch in the real world and at the same time this lithe, graceful creature continues to wow us with her holistic take on life.  Be the inspiration and keep on inspiring. OM!

By Richa Kaura

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