Shilpa Shinde the famous Bhabhiji is banned from TV. Know the complete story

All is not well in the TV industry as controversies simply do not seem to exist. While, Pratyusha Banerjee’s incident is still giving us some major chills, here we have another shocking news which is enough to spoil your weekend.

The buzz is that popular actress Shilpa Shinde popularly known as Angoori Bhabhi has been banned from TV. Yes, the actress now won’t be seen in any of the TV serials. Know the complete story –

SHILPA SHINDE ANGOORI BHABHI Shilpa Shinde Aka Angoori Bhabhi Banned From TV?

Shilpa Shinde Was Slammed With a Legal Notice

Few weeks ago, we had mentioned that Shilpa Shinde aka Angoori Bhabhi had quit &TV’s most popular show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Soon both the actor and producer had a major tiff. Both the parties had a different story to narrate. While, Shilpa alleged that the channel and the producer Binaifer Kohli were harassing her with extreme working conditions, the makers maintained that she is not adhering to her contract. Shilpa was adamant to break all the ties with the show but the producer and channel wanted her to stay back. When nothing worked out between the two parties, the producer decided to send Shilpa Shinde a Legal Notice.

The Producers Approached CINTAA

When nothing worked out between the producers and the actress, the team of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai decided to approach CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes Association), IFTPC (Indian Film and Television Producers Council) and FWICE (Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees to come to a solution of their problems.

shilpa shinde angoori bhabhi bhabhiji Shilpa Shinde Aka Angoori Bhabhi Banned From TV?

Next, the bodies asked Shilpa Shinde to return to the show and even stick to her ‘exclusive contract conditions’. However, the actress made up her mind to not to return and didn’t budge. Post Shilpa’s stand on the issue, the committees together issued a non-cooperative directive against the actress which means no broadcaster or producer can work with her now – A step to imbibe discipline among all the TV actors.

Amit Behl, Chairman, Dispute Committee, CINTAA shared,

“We work for the welfare of artists and thus it is disappointing to see that our support is not being reciprocated. Shilpa has blocked our numbers and is not responding to our calls and messages. Our hands are tied and we have to take an action to sort out the issues finally.”

When Shila Shinde was buzzed about the same. The actress quoted –

 “CINTAA is for the artists and it is ridiculous that they are supporting the producers and not understanding my point of view. How can they decide to ban me? I have decided to get back to them the legal way. I really wonder why no producer is ever banned; actors only suffer when it comes to any dispute.”

shilpa shinde angoori bhabhi english lessons Shilpa Shinde Aka Angoori Bhabhi Banned From TV?

When General Secretary of FWICE Dilip Pithva was informed about Shilpa’s statements he stated,

“Producers will be banned if they decide to work with her. That should answer Shilpa’s query. We are waiting for the letter from the producers association before we send out the notice. TV is a small industry and we want peace prevailing on every set. We are keen to dissolve the matter but Shilpa is not ready to meet and that is causing the hindrance.” he added.

General Secretary, CINTAA, Sushant Singh also shared,

“The three bodies have come together to form the disciplinary directive so that there is no blackmail and arm twisting happening on any shows.”

bhabhiji ghar par hai star cast Shilpa Shinde Aka Angoori Bhabhi Banned From TV?

And finally producer Binaifer Kohli stated,

“I am thankful that the entire industry has come together and supporting us. Also hats off to &TV for being patient with us and supporting us even when we don’t have one of our leads currently. Rest, I think I have spoken and shared my ordeal to the world.”

Things have really taken an ugly note. Let’s see what the future holds on for Shilpa Shinde now.

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