Shiv Sena’s rising anti-Pak turmoils heralds the rising menace to Indo-Pak ties. Who on the earth would make Shiv Sena realize of their gibberish acts?

Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, every other second, ignites each of us and sometimes more, for being so helpless to help our country getting rid of their burgeoning terrorism. Patriotism respires within each of us, but uncontrolled respiration, physiologically too, turns out detrimental. This very disorder, uncontrolled respiration of patriotism is being predominantly seen among the Shiv Sena members.

It was last week when Shiv Sena, undemocratically imposed a ban on Ghulam Singh’s tributary concert for Ghazal Mogul Jagjit Singh in Mumbai. But the same Pakistani singer was not being averted in national capital Delhi. These typical deeds by Shiv Sena would even further erode away the smidgen of bonhomie the countries luckily share between.

GHULAM ALI Is Shiv Sena Becoming A Threat To Indo Pak Ties?

This week, Shiv Sena member, shamelessly, flung out black ink on Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face, just because he was organizing Pakistan Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book launch event in Mumbai. “Around 10-15 activists of Shiv Sena gheraoed me today morning outside my home. They abused me and called me anti-national and threatened me. They threw black paint on me after abusing me and chanting slogans, “he said.

“Kasuri’s book launch is an attempt to improve Indo-Pak ties…we are not frightened by these acts of Shiv Sena, they do not bring any good image to our country,” Mr. Kulkarni said.

sudheendra kulkarni Is Shiv Sena Becoming A Threat To Indo Pak Ties?

“We are equally against the terrorism from across the border and we share the same level of patriotism as any other from this country. But this should not stop people from both countries interacting with each other,” he added.

Well, Kulkarni genuinely stated a statement of grave significance. The launch of this book would indeed do good to both the countries, scaling down  the wide gap between two countries, although insignificant if gauged, but significant, if gauged is their hatred.

Shiv Sena has to be awakened from their dreams of overloaded-but-dangerous patriotism. Oh, poor Shiv Sena, how do I explain that terrorism is not curbed by restricting the entry of Pakistani-denominated talent in India. In fact, it worsens more and more.    

By Prerna Daga

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