How insensible was it of Kejriwal to blame Modi for conducting the recent shoe-attack on him at his rally in Rohtak!

Arvind Kejriwal and attacks on him have been persistent since his regime as CM in Delhi. There were times when vituperative ranting and object-hurls on any politician- especially as chief as chief minister-couldn’t be silently endured and ignored as easily as done today. Today, these affairs are way casual and volatile, for, it happens and expires, like very ordinary news, within a day. Literally, there is no denial to the fact that frequent attacks on Kejriwal had mitigated the seriousness which such news were dealt with.

arvind kejriwal ink attack Shoe Hurled At Kejriwal And He Again Blames Modi

It was on Sunday, 1st Jan, when 2017 was not even half-welcomed and Kejriwal, at his rally in Rohtak, was welcomed uncivilly as a youth flung shoe at him. Kejriwal’s discourse at his rally was against the demonetization move taken by Modi. ‘Tijori Tod, Bhanda Fod’, as he named his rally, was Kejriwal’s desperate attempt to portray demonetization as a ‘scam’. But there was one youth among the swarm of listeners, whom Kejriwal tagged as ‘Modi-Bhakt’, who dissented, although expressed ungraciously.

By no means, the youth’s act is justified, however strong may be your support for demonetization. One’s disapproval of others’ opinion can’t take such uncivilized form. After all, Kejriwal is too powerful a face to face such public nuisance. However, Kejriwal’s pointless post-attack remark too isn’t just. His tweet condemning the attack held Modi responsible for the attack. Certainly, the attack was not done but how is it justified of him to accuse Modi of sending his stooge to carry out attack on him.

arvind kejriwal tweet Shoe Hurled At Kejriwal And He Again Blames Modi


Kejriwal has been consistently hellbent to lay the blame on Modi every now and then. This dirty take on politics by him has taken away all the glamour he possessed of in his initial days. What sense was of it to associate this attack with Modi? That was the youth’s incivility and not Modi’s. Only if Kejriwal knew when to speak and when shut, half of these attacks could have been averted.

By Prerna Daga

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