Know how the Emergency of the mid 1970s had a direct bearing on the script of the movie Sholay. Also, check out the latest about Arsenal VS Manchester United

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14.6 Sholay and Emergency 

“Hum angrezon ke zamaane ke jailor hain! Ha haa…”. Sholay was released when young Indians, all born in free India, could easily make fun of their imperialistic past. The youth were ambitious, but frustrated with the lack of opportunity and corruption in the system. “Mujhe to sab pulis waalon ki soortein ek jaisi lagti hain” said Jai sarcastically. Police were not efficient enough to curb the increasing crime rate. Dacoits like Gabbar kept many villages under their control. It was a society where lack of opportunity created thieves of even good people like Jai and Veeru. Young men living in villages, like Ahmed, had to move to cities in hope for better life.

The irony of the movie was that it took two outlaws to liberate the village from the clutches of devil. Angry young men were taking law into their own hands. It was these angry young Indians who finally led the downfall of Indira Gandhi. Know how the Emergency of the mid 1970s had a direct bearing on the script of the movie Sholay. A must read.

Public Display of Affection: The Debate 

A lot of people in India have problems with other people hugging, kissing and fondling each other in public places. These people feel that such intimate things should only be done within four walls. Others believe that that it is their personal choice to do whatever they wish, whenever they wish to, wherever they want. The argument between the two sides has been escalating for some time now owing to radicals in the former group who wish to preserve the morality of our streets. An interesting article, this post provides arguments and counter arguments in regard to the debate surrounding public Display of Affection.

Can Arsenal get past Manchester United in the FA Cup Quarterfinal? 

The draw for the Quarter finals stage of the FA Cup has just been announced and holders Arsenal will travel to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United. Arsenal is in good form but have to take on Manchester United at home. Who will win this battle of English Premier League giants? Read the post to know more about this exciting tie.

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