She is sexy and she knows it – Know why Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya of Begusarai is the hottest vamp on TV!

Shweta Tiwari made us fall in love with her in Kasauti Zindagii Kay where she as Prerna was the ideal beti and ideal lover. Her love story with Onurag reminded us of some classic love stories with tragic endings. From her style to her acting, she mesmerized us completely. Next, she was seen in several comedy shows where she impressed us not only by her comic timings but also her sexy avatar.

Shweta Tiwari Begusarai Show On AND TV1 Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

In AndTV’s Begusarai too Shweta Tiwari is rising the temperature of TV by her hotness. She as Bindiya, the dancer has simply taken the word “vamp” to altogether different level. Here we share our reasons why Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya is the hottest Vamp on TV!

She is Sexy and She Knows It

Smokin’ hot Bindiya knows that she has everything to allure and magnetize any man she wants. Her voice, body and nakhre are enough to swoon the Begusarai men. Being ambitious, Bindiya is not the woman who will sit at home preparing food for her family or care for her husband like a typical housewife of any village.

shweta tiwari bindiya Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

Bindiya Has a Commanding Personality

Bindiya is not an ordinary dancer of Begusarai. She has lot of dreams and aspirations and for this she can do anything. Being a charmer, she knows how to win hearts of the influential people especially the men of the Thakur house – Mithilesh, Laakhan and Priyom. She has an authorative personality and she can go to any extent to get what she desires.

begusarai queen bindiya Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

She Is Not the One Who’ll Step Back

Shweta Tiwari aka Bindiya desires to become the ruler of Begusarai one day. This is the reason why she timely creates problem between the Thakur boys who ultimately are the heir to the position. What’s more, this hot vamp has even tried killing the Thakur boys. Moreover, in order to make sure she fulfills her dream, she has turned situations in her favor by marrying Priyom Thakur.

begusarai team Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

She is Smart, Clever and Genius.

Not just sexy and gorgeous, the rustic Bindiya is also very clever and shrewd. She changes her colors just like a chameleon. No wonder, she has carried herself well in various stages as a dancer, as a vamp and now as a wife of Priyom. Her scheming never ends as she thinks like a statesman and not as a village belle.

bindiya begusarai shweta tiwari Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

Her Rustic Look and Style

Her rustic fashion sense and style can make anybody fall for her. That’s her aura in Begusarai. No wonder all the bahubali are crazy about this nachaniya who just with her dialect, ‘adda’ and rustic getup can make anybody do what she wants. However, her needs and desires are too big for her shoes which can only be fulfilled by the Thakur men.

shweta tiwari hot pics Shweta Tiwari as Rustic Bindiya Is the Hottest Vamp on TV!

Shweta Tiwari not just looks sexy and hot as Bindiya but also impresses the fans by her acting. The amount of preparation that she has done for the role is commendable. In an interview she said she was not comfortable to take the project since she played an antagonist. However, now it seems that he is happy that she took a right decision. Nevertheless, as viewers we are in love with her as Bindiya!

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