Sushim is provoking Siamak. Will Siamak trust him or misunderstand Ashok?

Rani Noor’s son Siamak trust Ashoka a lot. The two are close from the very first day. While, everybody shunned Ashoka, it was only Siamak who bonded well with Ashoka. It was Siamak who considered him his friend and even invited him to eat together in the palace.

siamak ashoka tv serial Will Siamak Misunderstand Ashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

Siamak considers Ashoka a lot

Not once but many a times Siamak helped Ashoka and that too unconditionally. Together they bonded well. Interestingly, even after knowing that ‘Ashok’ is a Rajkumar and his competitor, he is still ‘happy’ and not at all insecure unlike Rajkumar Sushim. He loves Ashoka all the more and is quite happy with all the latest developments unlike others in the palace.

siamak ashoka Will Siamak Misunderstand Ashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

But the Relationship of Ashoka and Siamak is Sushim’s Major Pain

Rajkumar Sushim from the very start didn’t like Ashoka. And to his dismay, the boy he hated the most turned out to be his brother. What’s more, the one he hates is liked by his other brother Siamak. In fact, is closely attached to him. Moreover, he is also well aware about Siamak and Ashoka’s bond which of course is hurting him very badly. Their unity has become his biggest weakness.

sushim sumedh mudgalkar ashoka serial colors Will Siamak Misunderstand Ashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

So, now that Rajkumar Sushim cannot win against Ashoka in a straight fight, he is trying to become a politician. Well, after all Khalatak and his own mother Maharani Charumitra is advising him. As per the plan Sushim is trying to manipulate Siamak by trying to provoke Siamak. Yes, Sushim even went to Siamak and tried to incite him by telling how Ashoka is trying to use him and has no consideration for him. Although,  it was good that Siamak didn’t believe him. However, if Sushim continues, he may doubt Ashoka’s intentions and that’s precisely the aim of Sushim.

Will Siamak Listen Sushim and Misunderstand Ashok?

Siamak trusts Ashok but Sushim has tried to put a doubt in his mind and a seed of doubt has really dangerous effects. You never know if Siamak takes everything in negatively and misunderstand Ashok as he (Siamak) was not chosen to contest the competition.

sushim ashoka brother chakravartin ashoka samrat Will Siamak Misunderstand Ashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

In addition, since Sushim has warned him from getting any further betrayal, we do not know what will be the mental state of Siamak. Looks like Sushim will hurt Siamak more than Ashoka in the process. It will be however interesting to see how will Siamak come out of Sushim’s trap. Will Siamak know Ashoka’s truth or will he believe Sushim and his lies – It will rather be interesting to see.

Will Ashoka Know about Sushim’s evil plans?

Well, if Siamak’s behavior changes Ashoka will try to know the reason and it is apparent that he’ll get to know that Sushim is behind all this. So, even if things changes, Ashoka will try to solve the problem to make Siamak understand things.

We just hope Siamak have enough faith in Ashoka and keeps on trusting him like he has been doing from months now.

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