Will Rajkumar Siamak Know about his mother Rani Noor’s Reality in Chakravartin Ashoka samrat serial?

Siamak in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat  thinks that his mother Rani Noor is a good mother who has always been his moral strength and support. Like all the other sons, he loves her very much and even wants to make her proud. However, Siamak isn’t aware that she has a dual face and she is behind the miseries of so many people including Ashoka and Rani Dharma.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Will Siamak Ever Know about Rani Noor’s Reality?

Siamak in Colors Tv Isn’t Aware that He is Rani Noor and Desh Drohi Justins’s Son!

Siamak is quite proud that he is Samrat Bindusar’s son. Being a Mauryan, he not only wants to make his mother honored but also aim to make his father content by his accomplishments. However, little does the boy know that he is not Samrat Bindusar’s son but Rajkumar Justin’s illegitimate child.

justin rani noor romance ashoka Will Siamak Ever Know about Rani Noor’s Reality?

Wonder what would be his reaction when he’ll know he has blood of Unani and Khorasani but not Mauryan? What if he’ll know that he is not a true Mauryan blood? While, the serial is moving at a fast pace this track is still awaited.

Siamak Doesn’t Know that Rani Noor is a Killer and is aiming to kill all his brothers

While, Siamak is a protagonist who has got only the good qualities, he isn’t aware that his mother whom he thinks as a ‘Devi’ is a killer. He has no idea that it was his mother who compelled his grandfather Mir Khorasan to kill Rani Dharma and that it is his mother who is planning to kill all his brothers including Ashoka.

siamak ashoka tv serial Will Siamak Ever Know about Rani Noor’s Reality?

Now the question is –

Will Siamak ever know about the reality of his mother?

Will Rajkumar ever know about his real truth, his lineage and his connection with Justin? Will he know that his mother is actually a selfish person who cheated her own husband and shared an illicit relationship with her husband’s brother? It would be rather a shameful event for him when he’ll realize that his mother wanted to kill his own brothers and even planned the death of his father Bindusar. He’ll be hurt furthermore when he’ll realize even Helena is involved in this brutal plan.

rani noor ashoka tv serial Will Siamak Ever Know about Rani Noor’s Reality?


What if Siamak see the whole happenings in a different light? What if he thinks his mother had to wrong things only because of him and his safe future?

Though it is doubtful, it is possible that Siamak might take all the wrongdoing of his mother positively – thinking that whatever his mother did was only for his safe future. In addition, you never know if he feels self-guilty that his mother had to do all the wrong things because of him so that he could become the next Samrat of the Mauryan clan.

khorasan siamak Will Siamak Ever Know about Rani Noor’s Reality?

It would be rather interesting to see whether Siamak will become Bharath of Ramayana or choose to become Ravana. However, the way the plot of Chakravartin AShoka Samrat is moving, we are clueless whether Siamak or anybody will know the reality of his father. Will Chanakya decode this mystery know that he wants to know the reason of partnership between Mir Khorasan and Helena?

Looks like the future episodes will be interesting!

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