Moderates and Liberals in India are now known as ‘sickularists’. Find out all about sickularism in politics as well as online communities.

hindutva Who are the Sickularists and What is the Sickularism Agenda?

  1. Liberals in India have a new name these days – the concept that asserts the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, or, in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief, from the imposition by government of religion or religious practices upon its people is now mockingly referred to not as secularism, but ‘sickularism’. The term ‘pseudo secularists’ was evidently not harsh enough, so we now have another sobriquet being used for all the moderate/liberals in politics as well as netizens in online communities.
  2. Here is a very significant, very vocal segment of the online community that ridicules and denigrates anyone with tolerant and moderate views on minority communities. At first it was fringe elements that put forth these views; now it is a case of Hindu by birth, ‘sickular’ by choice.
  3. Those who speak scornfully of moderate or secular views tend to harbour certain paranoid delusions: these are the people that typically feel that minorities are routinely favoured and given special concessions (the political fallout and the sheer illogicality of favouring 15% at the risk of alienating 80% evidently doesn’t strike). These are also the people who frequently use terms such as “minority appeasement” and “votebank politics” to explain their exclusivist and exclusionist agendas and refuse to consider the fact that an overwhelming majority of the ‘minority community’ continues to live in poverty and squalor with little access to quality education in spite of decades of ‘minority appeasement’.
  4. The very mindset that decries inclusivity and terms it ‘pseudo secularism’ gives rise to ‘concerns’ being expressed by people such as Maneka Gandhi, that “the money from illegal animal slaughter was used for perpetrating acts of terrorism”. Maneka Gandhi’s fanatical championing of animal rights and forceful campaigns against zoos and circuses is of course well known.
  5. The term ‘sickular’ denotes ‘pro-muslim’ or ‘pro-minority’ and as such is scorned and reviled. The benign and benevolent Nehruvian view that the “majority religion had the responsibility not to overshadow and overwhelm the smaller religions” is looked upon with contempt; not as a mindset to be emulated but a view to be denigrated and weeded out of the national consciousness.
  6. SRK Gauri Anniversary 18 Who are the Sickularists and What is the Sickularism Agenda?The same people who refer to moderate views as ‘sickularism’ also believe in the laughable concept of ‘Love Jihad’. It is believed that this exceedingly inefficient and roundabout form of proselytising is a concerted and underhand effort to lure people over to one religion, so that India will be fully Muslim in a matter of a few decades. It is beside the point that investigators have found that “In most cases we found that a Hindu girl and Muslim boy were in love and had married against their parents’ will.” People such as Hindu activist Rajeshwar Singh are of the view that “The Hindu wave has just begun. In 10 years we will convert all Christians and Muslims,” (Source – Reuters)
  7. As for the latest ‘sickular’ controversy – the televising of (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagawat’s annual speech on Doordarshan on the occasion of Dussehrsa is supposedly ‘newsworthy’. Up until now, what is presumably a heavy, stodgy, plodding speech by previous RSS chiefs has not been deemed remotely newsworthy; certainly nowhere near as riveting and fascinating as it now apparently is. The fact that it is newsworthy this year; how dare anyone cast any kind of aspersion upon this – Quiet, you ‘Sickcularist’!

Image 1 source – Hinduhumanrights, Image 2 source – SRK anniversary

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