Is Siddharth Mallya a Gay? Hear from the man himself as he confesses on his Youtube channel – Sid Sessions

With Siddharth Mallya’s metrosexual almost like a gay iconic hairdo, clean shaven getup, dressing style, and news that he often appears as a”Drag Queen” in parties, led many of us believe that Siddharth Mallya is a gay.

However, while, we kept on guessing his sexual orientation, he, in his British accent, confessed in the third episode of Sid Sessions, that he is straight like an arrow. Replying, not one or two messages but pile of decent as well as offensive messages, which he received on his social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

siddharth mallya gay Is Siddharth Mallya Gay?


According to Siddharth Mallya aka Sid, people consider him Gay because – 

1. He has a great jaw line like all the gay men!

2. He dresses like Gay men. Though, he mean’t dressing well and not dressing as a “Drag Queen!”

3. He has Gay best friend!

And then he came out of his closet, only to announce that, “I’m Not A Gay!”

Funny and Hilarious, his video attracted lot of positive response, both from the common man as well as celebs across the world.

siddharth mallya sid session tweets Is Siddharth Mallya Gay?


siddharth mallya sid sessions youtube twitter Is Siddharth Mallya Gay?


sid mallya sessions lgbt Is Siddharth Mallya Gay?

For every view, Sid will be donating the money to Queer Ink for LGBT Rights.

Here’s the Million Dollar Video – Check Out Sid’s Confession on #SidSessions

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