Sidharth Malhotra is a changed man now. Know how he became Aamir Khan for his upcoming Film Brother which also stars Akshay Kumar and Jackie Shroff

The first trailer of the Bollywood Film “Brother” is out! An official remake of 2011 Hollywood movie “Warrior”, this Karan Johar movie (he is the producer of the movie) is buzzing hot among the film goers. Well, not because it reminding them of Sylvester Stallone from the “Rocky” series, but because it brings out Sidharth Malhotra in an extremely new avatar.

siddharth malhotra akshay kumar Know How Sidharth Malhotra Became Aamir Khan for his Upcoming Film Brother

Yes, Sidharth Malhotra did an Aamir Khan for Brother

Aamir Khan is known for his perfection when it comes to getting into the shoes of a character for any of his films. While, this trait was once strictly related to Aamir and only Aamir, now a days even the young actors are following the pattern.  For instance, Sidharth Malhotra gained as much as 10 kgs to look like a professional boxer. What’s more the actor worked for four months continuously to get the required physique. Now the twist in the tale is that Sidharth has to again shed these extra 10 kilos for his upcoming film – Kapoor and Sons.

siddharth malhotra boxer brother Know How Sidharth Malhotra Became Aamir Khan for his Upcoming Film Brother

Although it is not recommended, Sidharth took the risk for the film just to look like a perfect boxer. His trainer is helping him to lose the weight in a proper way. Few months ago, even Aamir Khan had confessed how risky and unhealthy this process is, and why it constantly bothers his mother and wife.

He Didn’t Sign Any Other Film Because He was Preparing For Brother

Although Sidharth Malhotra’s contemporaries are signing a list of films, we didn’t see Sidharth after his last film – Ek Villain. Many thought after the success of Ek Villain, Sid will go on a moving signing spree but there was no news about him at all (except dating Alia Bhatt of course!)

So, what was he doing all this while instead of signing movies?

Well, he was actually preparing for his role of Monty Fernandes (Brendan Conlon) which was essayed by Joel Edgerton in the original movie Warrior. So, six months was purely dedicated just on gaining weight, eating, learning new skills, training, and even trying out different looks to appear perfect on screen.

sidharth malhotra physique Know How Sidharth Malhotra Became Aamir Khan for his Upcoming Film Brother

It all started when the director of the film Karan Malhotra gave Sid a photo of a wrestler and asked him to start working to appear more or less like him. Though it was a huge risk as Siddharth is a newbie in the industry, he took the challenge of transforming his physique for the role. Moreover, he has no qualms over the makeover as he believes if a film demands some special skills from an actor, the actor should definitely take his time and learn the art before he/she start shooting.

Sid Even Shocked Khiladi Akshay Kumar with His Skills

When Akshay Kumar saw Sidharth’s performance in the action sequences, he was literally shocked. The reason being, Akshay was aware that Sid had no prior training or background in martial arts. This proves how the Ek Villain star with his efforts made sure that he train enough to match the skills of Akshay Kumar. Nevertheless, Sidharth Malhotra confessed he is now obsessed to get the right look and technique for his films.

sidharth malhotra new look Know How Sidharth Malhotra Became Aamir Khan for his Upcoming Film Brother

Now doesn’t that sound like Aamir Khan? Well, looks like Sid is all set to become Aamir Khan part 2.

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