You don’t need to get hold of a clairvoyant, psychic or own a crystal ball to tell you that a Big Bad Boss bosses around you making your otherwise happy life miserable. Read and Know!

Lucky are those who have nice bosses. Some bosses believe in growing with the team while others focus only on their individual growth. Good bosses respect collective growth. They are not just goal oriented, but also process oriented. They understand and try to keep their juniors in high spirits as they know happy employees are driven by genuine enthusiasm and desire to do their best. Selfish bosses only see goals, no matter how you achieve that. 

If your boss is guilty of bad behavior? Here are a few signs…

He is abusive.

In office, his day starts with “teri maa ki.. teri behen ki..”. You greet him and hear names from him. If you argue, he will thrash you.  

signs bad boss abusive.jpg Signs You Have a Bad Boss

No toilet for you right now!

He will stop you from going to the toilet even if you have loose motions. Doesn’t matter if you do it in the pants. So, we deduce, he is ‘unnatural’-cuz he is against nature’s call!

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 This is not the time for lunch!

He will not let you have lunch when you are hungry. He doesn’t bring his own lunch as his wife doesn’t like waking up early for cooking so eats your lunch and demands verities everyday.

Utpal Dutt 930201193611 Signs You Have a Bad Boss

He has a girl friend in office.

Besides a wife at home, he has a girl friend in office whose sympathy and shoulder he always and desperately needs.  She enjoys all privileges you are deprived of.

sivaji the boss 227 011011031458 Signs You Have a Bad Boss


Watches porn movies.

He pretends to be working really hard on the computer while he is watching porn movies and pictures. He continues this even after everybody has left office.

signs bad boss.jpg Signs You Have a Bad Boss


Work on weekends

He is not just a bad boss, but also a bad husband. He doesn’t like to spend time with his family so he calls you in office, even on weekends to do nothing. 

signs bad boss working on weekends.jpg Signs You Have a Bad Boss

You cannot date your girl friend.

If you ask for a leave to date your girl friend, he will definitely not let you go. He can’t let you have fun with your girl friend as his own life is ruined. He doesn’t call his wife and doesn’t let you call your girl friend. If you go out to call her, you will see his call waiting within a minute.

bad boss signs girl friend waiting.jpg Signs You Have a Bad Boss

Arrives late

He will ask you all to get together in the morning for an activity but himself would turn up late as he was badly constipated.

988d629d4f6cbcd28a2aa4f06a89720fe4eecb706214a1aa0064dc97e4e2ea99 Signs You Have a Bad Boss

He is stingy…

He will ask you to pay his personal bills and pretends to have forgotten that you paid. Can you ask for money now!

signs bad boss stingy.jpg Signs You Have a Bad Boss

By Sapna Madan

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Picture Source: No Toilet
No Lunch Now Boss Staring Cigar
Girlfriend In Office
Go and Work- No Weekend Holiday
No Personal  Life: Thanks To Boss
 Arrived late
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