The rampant use of social media has delivered us a lot of benefits, but along with that, it has pushed us away from our etiquette.

From food to greetings, our lifestyle has geared up in all the spheres. Surmising on declining civility, the social connoisseurs around the world put their rational touch on it.

etiquettes ‘Sinking Etiquette’

Experts’ say

K.Cooper Ray says familiar handshake, these days, is a far-fetched dream.

Cindy Grosso condemns social media for having the basic etiquettes uprooted from the human race. She says greetings exchanged are so quick that even if exchanged, miss out on the politeness.

Von Bakanic holds regional differences responsible for the varying etiquettes. To her, norm of addressing seniors by ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ isn’t existent everywhere.

Mengedoht, an estate agent, says no matter how much time and efforts he may invest on his clients, a courteous ‘thank you’ is never lavished upon him.

etiquette ‘Sinking Etiquette’

A speck of hope

Lois Hearn says, despite the abating manners and dwindling civility, she did come across exclusiveness when one of her client, regardless of his rejected job application, sent her a ‘thank you’ note.

A little, just a little effort is all what a mannered life asks for.

By Prerna Daga

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