Recently Ishant Sharma was not served proper food during a test match at lunch time. Is this a new form of sledging by the Aussies?

Ishant Sharma Not Served Proper Food ishant sharma1 SLEDGING HITS NEW LOW

  1. Sledging is the term used in cricket to describe the intimidation or the insult of a player by words or gestures. The idea is to break the concentration of the opponent so that the player makes mistakes or underperforms. We know that the Aussies are past masters of sledging; in fact you could say that sledging is the Australia’s gift to the world of cricket, however it would now seem that sledging has hit a new low down under.
  2. A recent incident seems to indicate that the hostility shown by the Aussies to the Indian circketers extends beyond the cricket field. On the third day of the test match at the Gabba, there was no veg meal to be found for those members of the Indian team who eschew non-veg food.
  3. Ishant Sharma and Suresh Raina complained about the lack of vegetarian food and had to leave the stadium accompanied by ICC’s ACSU personnel and team director Ravi Shastri to forage for victuals on day three of the test. In fact the Indian visitors have been unhappy with the food provided to them since they landed.
  4. According to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, some sledging is a good idea “Because you want a bit of aggression in the game … it brings a bit more entertainment for the spectators,” however Sunil Gavaskar has different ideas. The test legend recently cautioned the Indian players against sledging the Aussies. According to Gavaskar Indian players are simply not used to it, whereas the Aussies do this at every level of the game. (Source –
  5. One does have to wonder if food deprivation is yet another form of sledging from the Aussies? An innovative and subtle form of sledging? Perhaps it’s payback for India’s sledging of the Australians? Or is it payback for not doing the job as well as the experts?

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