The latest buzz is RK Pachauri’s promotion to the position of executive chairman, despite having a record of assaults towards his colleagues. #ShameTERI

It is because of the presence of institutes like TERI that women’s dignity is not a matter of paramount importance but dispensing power to men is. Why on the earth was a monster R.K Pachauri vested with the executive chairmanship? I cringe in shame to have come across this shit in the fresh early hours of my morning, pinching me unto the deepest of the cells.

rk pachauri So What If Pachauri Harassed Women? He’s Promoted

Since when the decision has rolled out, clamour and revolt had engulfed the institute. None of its students, in discord, supported his undeserving promotion. Pachauri’s victims have, in fact, showed up and rebelled against the sordid choice institute had made.

The employees who have unfortunately have been victimized by Pachauri came forward, narrating his ghastly actions blow by blow and questioning such unfit promotion. The hands of power in India are indeed longer than the hands of law. Ergo, wicked like Pachauri is promoted and women, demoted.

rk pachauri630 So What If Pachauri Harassed Women? He’s Promoted

I do not belong to TERI. Neither, groped under the hands of this monster. But still, I pen down in a flickering anticipation that each of ours’ thumbs-down may cause a flip in the decision, in a belief that women’s dignity, this time, won’t be compromised with, in a hope that our flame of hope won’t be blown off again.

By Prerna Daga

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