The political influence in our system is so great that it will be difficult for the ruling prty to change the laws required to curb the criminal activities.

I have read an interesting article on the above subject. The erosion of character which was related to the Bengaluru shameful incident was only a gradual and a repeat action of many events of this nature happened from the days of Mugals to the date of Rahul.

bengaluru molestation new years eve SOCIAL ETHICAL DEGENERATION

Ghazni looted Hindusthan 18 times, particularly Gujarat and in Dec 1025 Gyani Mohamed looted the temple fully, killed 50000 Hindus and made 20000 slaves who were dragged to his native place. Several thousand hindus were forcibly converted.

Allaudin Kilji, created a big war to catch a hindu queen in Rajasthan. Akbar, Sahjahan, Humayun all showed the path for degeneration under the pretext of religious freedom. Sajahan married 8 women and the Mahal built by his was for the 4th wife. He married his own daughter professing that she was looking exactly like the original wife. Leaving the Mogals at this point, we can enter into todays world to analyse and catch the thread of degeneration.

Our freedom was a gift from britishers and to some extent the love and entanglement of Nehru with Mountbatten family. The love was so deep that it crossed the oceans even after independence. A story runs on to say the scandalous relationship of a Sanyasini and a top leader of independent India and also about some of the family members who preferred physiological relationship with many. This mystery continued to VIP guest house on 3/12/ U.P.

Jacqueline Kennedy pandit nehru1 SOCIAL ETHICAL DEGENERATION
It is an open secret that U.P. has the distinction for such unlawful acts. The acts committed by all prominent people were safely buried and only the crimes of general citizens are focused.  There have been several cases of misdeeds, murders etc. on which no judgement has been given for umpteen number of years.
The Executive and the judiciary organs of India are very slow beyond any ones imagination in all matters which made scrupulous degeneration of ethical and social degeneration in public activities. There have been more than 90 cases of scams reported so far,but not in one case there has been any progress/punishment. Criminals walk free in public without fear. Some, if locked in jail, enjoy royal treatment. Some judgement given by one court is toppled by the higher and this has also given the courage to criminals that no verdict will come within their life time.

The political influence in our system is so great that it will be difficult for the ruling party, even if it thinks, to change the laws which are required to curb the criminal activities. The parties have the least interest in the Nation and put a stumbling block at every point which the ruling party brings forward.



Parties are very much concerned about their win in elections, rather than human resource development or industrial development. When such a condition prevails, degeneration of all social, ethical, industrial cannot be ruled out.

Regarding morale degeneration is concerned, the tail will follow the head. We have a system by which it is only the head which is allowed to move around and not the body or the tail.
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