Ashok Khemka expressed his feelings on twitter and his followers could read that. More Indian Honest officers should use social media platforms.

Jodi tor daak shune Keu naa aashe, tobey ekla cholo re (If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone) – This line from Tagore’s poetry has reformed many lives. Though it is difficult to follow in a complex system like India but technology is there for help if one has decided the way. More precisely social media makes it possible. We have seen such an example by IAS officer Dr. Ashok Khemka.

ashoka khemka twitter Social Media is ‘Mauka’ for Honest Officers in India

Recently Mr. Khemka has been in news after his 46th transfer. In his career of 23 year he has been transferred 46 times and mostly because he was doing right thing. His position doesn’t allow him to share his resentment publicly. Despite that he dared to do it because he was true. Why should truth fear? As an Indian citizen he has fundamental rights to express. He expressed through social media this time.

Social media is a tricky platform for government. They could use it but cannot restrict its usage. Recent verdict on Sec 66A has jolted the Govt. as well as opposition. Twitter is one amazing tool available to us. It’s a micro-blogging site. A person’s account is his personal micro-blog where he/she writes his views and opinions similar to diary writing. Now gone are the days where reading somebody’s diary was considered bad habit. With Twitter you’re allowed to openly follow what somebody is writing. People following it can interact over it openly.

Dr. Ashok Khemka expressed his feelings on his personal micro-blog (twitter) and his followers can read that. The issue is in public, what the Government is doing with a right person. More than electronic or print media people discussed it on Twitter. Hashtag #Khemka trended on Twitter for a day. We’re impressed with his guts to continue what he has been doing in his career despite 46 transfers and threats. Hope he stays inspiration for youth rather than Govt. who says we’re against corruption but acts opposite.

We believe social media is ‘mauka’ (opportunity) in India for honest officers to open up. May more IAS and other Government employees join social media like Dr. Ashok Khemka. It is good to express truth smartly on a micro-blog rather than living with frustration and threat. India can’t afford to lose honest people at this stage. Twitter augments their power. It is a politically right platform to express. A platform which has given wonderful results to our country.

By: Chirag Goud

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