The tug of twitter war between Piers Morgan and Sarah Saradon is gaining grounds in social media. Is Sarah showing off in her cleavage-revealing picture?

I don’t understand what celebrity writers like Shobhaa De are protesting about?

shobba de school Social Media Meant To Show  Off

In her column titled ‘How to be a chick’ in the Mumbai Mirror, the noted novelist,editor and TV guest De has called Piers Morgan, a writer and commentator with 45 million Twitter followers (she reveals it herself) one of the most detested men on earth.

The provocation for this-his comment on the dress wore by Susan Saradon, one of Hollywood’s favourite actresses, at the recent Screen Awards Guild (SAG) function. More precisely his objection is to her outfit showing her cleavage at age 69, which he found ‘ tacky’ and horribly disproportionate.’

sarandon morgan Social Media Meant To Show  Off

I have never supported male chauvinism actually I am too much on the other side but in this case I feel the protests of feminists are totally out of place.

 They are saying that who are men like Piers Morgan to decide what a woman wears and at what age is showing cleavage justified.

True.But hasn’t this comment served the purpose of Sarah more than of Piers Morgan.The outfits put on by celebrities at such programs are chosen carefully and specially stitched for the occasion so that the person gets noticed amidst a galaxy of celebrities.

Actually the comment of Piers has been taken more sportingly by Sarah herself than our desi celebrities. After his comment she put up another picture of herself from her 1975 film ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ where she is seen in a white bra.

Along with this picture which shows off her figure 41 years ago, she posted a message saying “Today’s #TBT is dedicated to @piersmorgan.”

Supporters of the Oscar winner star have bombarded the social media with acerbic comment at Morgan but that is precisely my point.

The basic purpose of the social media sites is to show off, intellectually or ‘figuratively’ and Sarah has been able to use the adverse comment to show off both.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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