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Several Posts ranging from Travel to politics were submitted on our community yesterday. Here are the top trending posts.

Where To Travel SOLO In India?

An interesting article on solo travelling in India. The author, a woman, identifies top 5 beautiful, at the same time safe, locations for a solo female traveler in India. The post is informative, concise and comes with some lovely pictures of the locales.

Tips to move out without any complications

Are you in a live in relationship that didn’t work? And contemplating on breaking up? Then reading this article will surely help. The post lists some of the most important things that you should keep in mind while moving out of live-in relationships. ‘Be calm and collected’ because it doesn’t have to be a bizarre ending but one, with efforts, may be able to walk out like a ‘gentleman’.

What Is a Blog?

All you need to know about the word ‘Blog’ has been told in this article. From the origin of the word ‘blog’ to the differences between a blog and a website, almost every key questions related to blog has been dealt with in this post.

When I made a WRONG guess!

An opinion post on our community- ‘When I made a WRONG guess!’ is about the current contemporary politics of our country and its similarities with the politics of the post emergency years. The anti-corruption crusades, populist movements and their ultimate failures due to political opportunism and realpolitik.

Those were the top trending posts on the community.

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