Sonakshi Sinha is P.H.A.T

What do Kim Kardashian, Byonce, Maraiah Carrey, Scarlett Johansson, Adele, Kate Winslet and our very own Sonakshi Sinha have in common – they are celebrities with the most luscious and curvaceous bodies in the business (no one calls them FAT). They are admired and loved by millions for their talent and the fact that they have embraced their curvy bodies and light up the red carpet with their beauty and confidence.  

SOnakshi Sinha showing the curves in Filmfare%E2%80%99s June Edition 9 Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!

For far too long the media and fashion industry have convinced us that beautiful and desirable is to be skinny, fair and I repeat super skinny. If you are blonde that is an added bonus of course. However since we are not all born in Scandinavia and don’t have the top L.A. based plastic surgeon on speed dial it’s time for us to stop being slaves to a single definition of beauty set by the fashion and media industry.  

Kim Kardashian Scarlett Johansson Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!

Enter Sonakshi Sinha – a young, talented, successful Bollywood celebrity who has clearly stated that she will not be apologetic for being curvy and has rejected scripts, movies  and magazine shoots that require her to ‘loose some weight’. 

sonakshi sinha desi1 Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!


Sonakshi has proved herself in a very competitive industry and won over audiences with her talent and the respect of her peer group by sticking to her guns and not running to fit into size zero jeans after the first bout of success.  She chides fashion photographers for having a ‘problem” with her chubby arms, her big forehead and her broad hips. Much to the annoyance of her detractors Sonakshi Sinha’s popularity continues to be on the rise and she is a great role model for young women. For her being labelled ‘fat’ (or not) is hardly of any importance.

gima sonakshi 2014 gauri nainika 01 Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!

The stupendous popularity of our curvy celebrities is the writing on the wall for things to change in the fashion and beauty industry. Advertising firms, designers, magazine editors and the like must respect what resonates with audiences because only that will keep them relevant and help sell more products and services. Gone are the days when they can shun a certain celebrity for not being thin enough to wear their clothes and accessories. Kim Kardashian alone raked in $10 million in income last year and the Kardashian family signed a $30 million two year contract for their reality show. Our other curvy celebrities mentioned above are all in the top 100 list of celebrities ranked by Forbes magazine for 2013.

sonakshi sinha saree Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!

Here in India Sonakshi Sinha is slated to be the number one heroine in Bollywood and she has the masses swooning to her hip movements and her brillaint acting in all her movies. She has both Advertisers and award ceremonies  chasing her for endorsements and performance nominations/awards  respectively. She is the ‘it’ girl whether you like it or not!

sonakshi sinha fit not phat Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!

Both Wikepedia and Urban dictionary describe the meaning of the slang P.H.A.T as pretty hot, awesome and cool – and that’s exactly what you are. 

soonakshi sinha make up Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!



sonakshi sinha jeans1 Sonakshi Sinha  – She is not FAT but P.H.A.T!!


By Richa Kaura



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