If Rahul wants a comeback after the dismal performance he needs to disassociate even with his mother Sonia Gandhi. After all, she has authored all scams

I am not very optimistic on the outcome. The Congress as a party deviated from the path of good governance n selfless commitment towards the nation since the time of Indira Gandhi. Several of their leaders worked for themselves at the cost of the interests of the nation fully supported by the high command. All this is common knowledge.

sonia gandhi scam Sonia Gandhi Authored All Scams

Rahul Gandhiji must have been aware and allowed this to continue with like or dislike which is not answered. Congress also allowed,  again from Indira time deep rooted corruption willfully as this helped them also. So much so that no govt. dept. nor any govt. servant is today honest  ( barring very small %). Farmer suicides were many and there was neither Rahul nor Congress who were deeply concerned or agitated or visited suffering farmers/villages.

If Rahul wants a comeback after the dismal performance he and his party had,  he needs to disassociate even with his mother Sonia Gandhi.  After all, she seems to have authored all scams as Manmohan ji is beyond real money.

So Rahul has to convince the people of the country including farmers that he is innocent and had nothing to do with the black past. People or farmers of our country are very GULLIBLE and  will easily sway to instigations ,  to lies or half lies more so when they are vulnerable as they are today with the large scale crop damage due to unseasonal rains.

In my view, BJP / Modi will counter him very shortly and expose him. The fact is Modi is sincerely committed and works hard (both these cannot be matched by Rahul)  to the betterment of the country and this cannot be hidden from people in spite of Media’s distract and dislike for him .

By: Jaikrishna Anantula

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