The Sony TV Encounter season has just begun taking us to different parts of Mumbai in the year 1983. Episode 1 is about local criminal Mane who dreams to become Mumbai Ka Baap in the near future

The race of the Indian Police Officer has just begun with a small time local criminal dreaming of becoming Mumbai Ka Baap gangster. Episode 1 of Sony TV Encounter narrated by Manoj Bajpai deals with the encounter of Shankya Mane (Played by Marathi actor Rajesh Shringarpure) in Ghatkopar in the year 1983.

sony tv encounter Sony TV Encounter 1: From Local Criminal to Dreams of Mumbai Ka Baap

Shankya’s Background

His story is that of a typical good student turning criminal who cannot withstand the college ragging, ultimately becoming the local gunda. Reminds me of Sunny Deol in his three movies – Ziddi, Arjun Pandit and Ghatak. No wonder, soon, Shankya is backed by a group of guys and a local gang is ready.

The thirst of being famous and getting associated to a large gang had just begun when the famous Pathan gang gives them their first supari of killing Mussa, the younger brother of Pasha, the famous don of Dongri. Being the very first work, they not only kill him perfectly but also loot a government office where people come and deposit their FDs.

The Sacrifice of Mumbai Police

Spilt into 3 episodes, we will see how Mumbai Police tries to stop the war of different gangs on the street of Mumbai. Not to forget, they risk their family’s lives too while safeguarding the law and protecting their motherland from the lawbreakers. Aditya Redij is seen here as a police inspector who is struggling in his life with gangsters threatening him to kill his son.

For a change I’m liking the whole concept and plot of the Television series because at least for a change we are not witnessing the gangsters as hero unlike the Bollywood movies. The chase of the Mumbai police after the loot has just began, let’s see today in Episode 2 of Encounter where the career graph of Shakya Mane reaches after attempting these 2 major crimes.

By: Deepti Verma

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