Sony TV Encounter 2 is a story of Shamsher Bhopali who was obsessed of killing people

Samsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine of the underworld is Pasha’s ace shooter. The man is so much obsessed with killing that he would rather kill a man than wasting time in settling things. Give him a target and he shall never miss it, whether the Encounter is in secluded area, open space or in public vicinity.

encounter 2 killing machine Sony TV Encounter 2: When Killing Becomes An Obsession

ShamSher Bhopali’s Background

At the age of 16, he executed his very first murder and then at the age of 20 he murdered 6 people. At present in the Encounter 2 episode he is 24 and in the span of these 4 years he has murdered many people some because of no reason and some because he was paid to murder by Pasha.

Shamsher Murdering in a Court

Shamsher is so obsessed with murdering that he is fearless. However, he believes in a certain superstition and murders only when a queen is pulled out from the pack of cards.Therefore, if he decides to murder and one pulls out queen then nothing can stop him. But, but, but creating a fear among public and killing people in public has its own sequences and that is how Shamsher became the focal point of Mumbai Police when he killed a man from another gang right in front of everybody in a court.

mishal raheja encounter 2 Sony TV Encounter 2: When Killing Becomes An Obsession

The Search For Shamsher Bhopali

The team of Nitin Kamte is now searching for Bhopali everywhere. Meanwhile, he has been given yet another task of killing a MLA by Pasha. Accidently, Kamte who is in search of Shamsher is also giving protection to the MLA.

Now, the question is who will be successful in his goal – Whether Killing Machine by killing his target or the Police Incharge Nitin Kamte, by getting hold of Shamsher Bhopali. Watch the space to know what happened further in Sony TV Encounter 2.

By: Deepti Verma

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