Sony TV Encounter 2 – Know how Nitin Kamte encounters Shamsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine, the arm shooter of Mumbai Underworld

Encounter 2 – Samsher Bhopali became wanted overnight when he killed a MLA in spite of tight security provided to the politician. Once again inspector Nitin Kamte could not get hold off Shamsher when he killed the MLA sitting on the stage as Chief Guest in a children’s drawing competition. However, one thing was clear – Shamsher was not alone but he worked for some powerful man who is connected with the people in the system.

The Search for Samsher Bhopali

Nitin Kamte and team start their search by raiding almost ever nook and corner, ultimately compelling Pasha of Dongri to run off from his house. According to his plan he leaves his brother in the house so that Police arrests his brother and the interrogation is limited to Samsher, without affecting his illegal business. Nitin Kamte is successful in his raid and gets hold of Pasha’s brother who tells them the hiding place of Shamsher Bhopali.

mishal raheja encounter 2 Sony TV Encounter 2: Mission Shamsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine of the Underworld

Shamsher Bhopali is Arrested

With lots of running, chasing and gun shots, finally team Nitin Kamte arrest Shamsher Bhopali. While, the aam admi, police force and politicians are happy with his arrest, someone is really not. This someone is none other than Pasha who wants Shamsher out of the jail anyhow to kill the top member of Pathan gang. Yes, he wants to take revenge of his brother Mussa’s murder.

sony tv encounter 2 mission shamsher bhopali aka killing machine of the underworld india opines Sony TV Encounter 2: Mission Shamsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine of the Underworld

Shamsher, the Killing Machine Escapes from Jail

Pasha makes plan to get Shamsher out of the jail and so when Shamsher is brought to a local clinic for a check up, he cleverly runs off from the spot with an armed man of the Pasha gang. No sooner he reaches Pasha’s house than he is given his next task and that is to kill the leader of the Pathan gang.

Queen Shamsher Encounter Sony TV Encounter 2: Mission Shamsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine of the Underworld

This escape once again brings famine in the Police force and now they are ready to go to any heights, even to the extent of killing Shamsher on the spot.

Mission Shamsher Bhopali

Nitin Kamte gets to know the plan of Pasha through Pasha’s brother who is of courrse blackmailed by Police. Next, the police in disguise is outside the court where member of the Pathan Gang is brought for the court proceedings. Yes, they arrested Shamsher’s target to bring Shamsher in front of them and close his chapter forever.

Killing Machine Encounter Sony TV Encounter 2: Mission Shamsher Bhopali aka Killing Machine of the Underworld

Encounter of Shamsher Bhopali

The scene is outside the court where Shamsher Bhopali tells his colleague to pull a card from the pack of cards. However, he doesn’t pull Queen. Bhopali thinks it is not the correct time. He then tells his associate to create certain chaos so that he would go inside and kill easily while the crowd ran from one place to another.

Accidently, Shamsher bangs with Nitin Kamte and even drops the Queen from his pack of cards. Inside, Shamsher keeps on pulling cards in search of Queen but even after several attempts cannot pull Queen out of the lot. This scares him.

Then comes Nitin Kamte with Shamsher’s Queen at the spot, and without any talking encounters Shamsher Bhopali right in front of everybody. Thus, executing the second Encounter after shooting Shankya Mane at sight.

By: Deepti Verma

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