Sony TV Encounter 3 takes us into the life of Mangesh Waghmare aka Mangya who from a petty criminal became underworld don

Encounter 3 – A pickpocket, Mangesh Waghmare aka Mangya set his foot in the dirty world of petty crime at a very early age. Eager to make it big, he soon got into a gang, killing people as well as exhorting money from the rich and eventually making it big in the dark streets of Mumbai Underworld.

Mangya, The Arm Shooter of Joshi Gang

It is the tale of 1990 when Mangya was picked up from the Mumbai Local by the Joshi gang leader for their illicit work including exhortation, murder and land grabbing cases. Being smart, wily and clever, Mangya not only outwitted the Joshi gang leader but also killed him along with his associates through his close aide by staying in a police lock – up.

Chetan Hansraj Ejaz Khan Sony TV Encounter 3   Mangya, The Psychotic Killer

Mangya in his quest for power and money…

Mangya first came in the eyes of Mumbai Police after a member of the Shetty gang was brutally killed. However, the determination of Mumbai Police to catch Mangya became stronger when Mangya in his quest for killing, killed a honest Union Leader. The Union Leader was under the protection of Mumbai Police yet Mangya managed to kill him, only to show the Joshi gang how dreadful he is past his break up with the gang.

Sony TV Encounter Chetan Hansraj Sony TV Encounter 3   Mangya, The Psychotic Killer

How will Mumbai Police Catch Mangya

Although Inspector Rizvi tries to stop Mangya by warning his mother of the dreadful consequences, his mother who once was victimized by her constable husband not only ignores the warnings but also gives him back. Inspector Rizvi however is determined to catch Mangya and stop his psychotic killing .

But, with his style of killing, Mangya has already gained the attention of Pasha – Now, will Mangya become a prime member of Pasha’s gang or will Inspector Rizvi get hold of Mangya and clear his game?

By: Deepti Verma

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