Mangya of Sony TV Encounter is Maya Dolas. Know the real encounter of Maya Dolas from the men who killed the Gangster in a shootout at Lokhandwala

The episode 9 of Sony TV Encounter takes us back to the famous encounter of Maya Dolas in the year 1991 at Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri. While, the team of Rizvi (Eijaz Khan) successfully executes the shootout of Mangya Waghmare (Chetan Hansraj), here I compare it with the real encounter of Mahindra urf Maya Dolas by a team led by Additional Commissioner of Police Aftab Ahmed Khan. 

Maya Dolas Sony TV eNCOUNTER Mangya Sony TV Encounter of Mangya Vs The Real Encounter of Maya Dolas

Mangya Waghmare (Reel) Vs Maya Dolas (Real) ~ The Background

Mangya Waghmare is shown working as an extortionist for a Joshi gang which is correct as Maya Dolas worked for Ashok Joshi, the INC criminal politician based in Kanjurmarg. However, Maya Dolas never killed Ashok Joshi as shown in the serial. Joshi was actually killed by Chotta Rajan on Dawood Ibrahim’s order in 1988. Chotta Rajan back then was Dawood’s Gang member.

After Joshi’s death, Maya made his own gang and even brought Joshi gang’s sharpshooter Dilip Buwa to his side. Within a year, Maya Dolas along with Dilip Buwa finished 5 prominent people of Joshi gang. This act made them visible in the eyes of Dawood Ibrahim and soon the two most feared duo Maya and Dilip joined the D – Company. Here, in the serial too Pasha (Dawood) takes Mangya (Maya) in his company to work under him. While, in the serial Pasha has fled to Mauritius in reality he fled to Dubai.

Dilip Buwa Shootout At Lokhandwala Sony TV Encounter of Mangya Vs The Real Encounter of Maya Dolas ShootOut At Lokhandwala – Vivek Oberoi as Maya, Tusshar Kapoor as Dilip Buwa

Mangya Waghmare (Reel) Vs Maya Dolas (Real) ~ The Deadly Encounter

Mangya is shown as a fugitive who is on the run which is true for the real life person Maya as well. However, something which differs from the real incident is the whole residing angle.

Maya Dolas Sony TV Encounter of Mangya Vs The Real Encounter of Maya Dolas The real Maya Dolas. Image Source: Wikimedia

It is shown that Mangya stays in his self arranged accommodation in a posh locality of Andheri but in reality it was Dawood Ibrahim’s house which the Shiv Sena criminal politician Gopal Rajwani had purchased for Dawood. Perhaps, the makers of the serial wants to keep the politicians out of this and so we see Mangya giving Lala his underground address, who seems to have no idea of where Mangya is residing.

Although Maya Dolas was a member of D Company, it is true that Dawood through a police informer had given tip to Aftab Ahmed Khan regarding the hideout of Dilip Buwa and Maya Dolas, same like what it was shown in the serial. Why Dawood wanted to get Maya, Buwa and Anil Pawar killed is something which Police didn’t know.

The encounter took place for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon on 16th November 1991. All 7 gangsters including Maya Dolas, Dilip Buwa and Anil Pawar were dead. The last body was found at around 5.15pm in the evening.

Lokhandwala Complex Sony TV Encounter of Mangya Vs The Real Encounter of Maya Dolas The Building where the shootout happened in reality. Image Courtesy: Rediff

Out of the 100 policeman including the ATS officers, 24 were wounded badly in this first public day shootout. It is said that Dilip Buwa was the first among the seven to hit officers with his AK-47. Also, as per Aftab Ahmed Khan’s it was Dilip Buwa who was the main shooter not Maya Dolas reported by the media. Maya only hurled abuses from the building while Buwa ushered the real bullets on the officers.

The Live Video – Real Encounter of Shootout at Lokhandwala

Comparison and Contrast of Encounter of Mangya and Encounter of Maya Dolas

  • Maya Dolas along with his 6 associates stayed on the ground floor of Svati Building of Lokhandwala Complex unlike Mangya Waghmare who stayed on the second floor of Aarti Buiding in the Vrindavan Complex.
  • It was not the constables who started attacking the 7 gangsters but three ATS officers – Qavi, ZM Gharal and Sunil Deshmukh who first walked in to the ground floor where the gangsters were watching TV. Buwa started shooting. Gharal who was not wearing Body armor was shot in the chest twice while Qavi was hit in the elbow.
  • Once Buwa started shooting soon others started shooting as well. However, in the Sony TV Encounter it was seen all the 7 started shooting simultaneously.
  • The serial missed showing us that out of 7 only 5 – Maya Dolas, Dilip Buwa, Anil Pawar, Ashoka Nadkarni and Raju Pujari were criminals and arm shooters of D gang whereas the two Anil Khubchandani and a warden of Yerwada Jail was only present in the room.
  • Mangya is shown cold blooded in the serial. However, in reality it was Buwa who was cold blooded. Maya Dolas mainly abused the Police officers and dared them to come near him on the terrace. At the end, he came begging to spare him but he was killed.

Lastly, Bhatt aka Buwa is shown calling Lala (Dawood’s aide) from a cell phone. I still don’t understand where in 1991 did Buwa find a cell phone :p

Sources: News Report Published and Retrieved in 2007 from Indian Express and Times of India, Interview of Aftab Ahmed Khan, Videos of channel who covered the shootout live 

By: Deepti Verma

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