Encounter 1 of Sony TV and Mumbai Police has just begun. Read the story of Shankya Mane & watch the struggle of Mumbai Police Inspectors to catch him

The whole concept of Encounter was new, more than the pros, the cons were attached to it. However the speed with which the number of gang wars were taking place in the street of Mumbai, it became necessary for the Mumbai Police to stop it by any means.

Mumbai Police, then, after trying almost all options finally switched to its last alternative “Encounter” – eventually assassinating their first target Shankya Mane on January 11, 1983 right outside Dayanand College in Ghatkopar.

shankya ad encounter Sony TV Encounter 1: Operation Shankya Mane

Shankya Mane: The Story So Far

As shown in the Episode 1, soon after killing Mussa, Shankya became a known name in the dark lanes of underworld. After all, he had killed the famous Pasha’s brother. Besides, the atmosphere he had created by virtue of his savagery terrorized the aam junta so much that now they feared by his name. The reason? Well besides, involving in killing of members from other gangs he was also involved in extortion, looting banks and assaults. Not to forget hafta vasooli and kidnapping for quick money.

Although the Mumbai Police were doing their best, their failure to stop Shankya Mane along with other gangs and the entire gang war now raised question on their honesty and integrity. It was time to perform but they could not find the light of the day until they got hold of Sheikh, the most trusted alley of Shankya. Sheikh was more like a brother to Shankya.

shankya mane encounter Sony TV Encounter 1: Operation Shankya Mane

The Road that led to the First Encounter

Sheikh being a close associate of Shankya despite many brutal attempts of Police never opened his mouth until the Police threatened him of Pasha. In what we may call as a smart move, the inspector (here Aditya Redij) scared Sheikh that the Police would send him to Dongri if he did not give Shankya’s detail. With just one information, the game had begun.

From here Mumbai Police started joining the dots. There was an instance in the episode which I always wondered in the past but now that I saw it happening here, I think it is true. Well, the Police Commissioner directly tells the 2 inspector and their senior office that if they fail they have to resign and nowhere should the Commissioner’s name should come in the picture. However, if they are victorious, the entire credit will go to him. No, wonder all three officers agree to this, but eventually fail to capture Shankya Mane from the Ganpati Pandal.

The Bullets that Changed the Game of Shankya Mane Forever

When you are surrounded from everywhere with all your trusted sources either in the jail or they themselves running through their own life, there is less chance for you to escape. Shankya though tried to leave crime (his girl friend when realizes he is a criminal threatens to leave him. Seeing this, Shankya finally decides to quit everything and settle abroad) becomes the target of Mumbai Police. No wonder, the person who creates savagery and an atmosphere of terror can never have a good ending.

So, that was all about Encounter 1 of Mumbai Police. Operation Shankya was successfully completed. If only, Shankya had chosen the right path just like his brother, today he would have been one among us…

By: Deepti Verma

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