Sony TV Encounter Vijay More is a reel version of Vijay Salaskar. Know the real Vijay Salaskar, the name that brought fear in the minds of Gangsters.

The Reel Vijay Salaskar

Episode 13 of Sony TV Encounter introduced  a brave, strong and fearless Vijay More, a sub-inspector who is ever ready to face the gangsters. If we scroll the books of Mumbai Police of the 80s and 90s, we will find the character sketch of Vijay More resembles to that of Vijay Salaskar, the prominent Encounter Specialist known for creating fear in the Underworld gangs.

Sony TV Encounter Vijay More Sony TV Encounter: Is Vijay More, Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar?

In the serial, the role is enacted by Kinshuk Mahajan, a chocolate faced boy. But unfortunately, the actor could neither carry the persona of Mr. Salaskar nor the body language of an encounter specialist who is known for building a fear in the minds of criminals. “Vijay” was one of the most feared Police in the gangs of Underworld. I wonder why they preferred the young and cute Kinshuk Mahajan and not sharp actors like Eijaz Khan, Mishal Raheja, and Aditya Redij.

The Real Vijay Salaskar

Vijay Salaskar after finishing his M.Com joined the Mumbai Police as a sub Inspector in 1983 and in the same year he made his first lethal encounter by shooting Raja Shahabuddin. Vijay had an unique trait – he had an ability to sniff out gangsters quickly. This trait of his, made him favorite of the top brass of Police and soon Salaskar along with other police became an encounter specialist to wipe out many of the underworld gangsters.

 vijay salaskar tribute 313 Sony TV Encounter: Is Vijay More, Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar?

Vijay Salaskar’s Achievement

In his 24 years of service, Salaskar shot dead around 80 known gangsters like Sadhu Shetty, Jaggu Shetty and Amar Naik. He played a major role in wiping off the Arun Gawli gang. Though he couldn’t catch Arun Gawli, he shot dead two of his most trusted men – Vijay Tandel and Sada Pawle in the year 1997.

Allegations made by Arun Gawli on Vijay Salaskar

After the 1997 encounter of his two most trusted men, Gawli was so scared of Vijay Salaskar that he once complained to the government authorities that since Salaskar wanted to kill him, he would plan a fake encounter to shoot him anytime. However, by this time Arun Gawli aka Daddy of Dagdi Chawl was already a MLA.

Arun Gawli Sony TV Encounter: Is Vijay More, Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar?

Vijay Salaskar, however, stated that if Gawli has reformed, then he would never bother him. But if he continues with his shady activities in Dagdi Chawl, he shall never hesitate to arrest him, without fearing about any political pressures that he might have to face.

The Heroic End

Vijay Salaskar all his life was surrounded by guns, so much that he breath his last by bullets firing from a gun. However, not from a gangster of a Mumbai Underworld but from the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008.

Heroic Death Vijay Salaskar Sony TV Encounter: Is Vijay More, Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar?

Vijay Salaskar was one among the 3 officers, (the other two being Hemant Karkare and Ashok Kamte) who were attacked by Terrorists outside the Cama & Albess Hospital, VT. Exactly two months later, that is January 26, 2009, Vijay Salaskar was awarded with Ashok Chakra for his bravery and patriotism.

With Inputs from Various NewsPapers

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Kinshuk Mahajan, IBNLive, IndiaToday

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