May be UP experiments with minority form of government. Would this alliance risk BJP’s emergence as a winner?

It’s good from many angle. Say,the vote division will be curbed in between these 2 parties at least. Others will have to resort to the same strategy.Country should walk for two party system slowly.

 In name of democracy, India has seen vote cutting tactics more,as a tool ,than other fairer ways of neat,merit-oriented mobilisation to enlighten the franchise.

 Country is sick and becoming a begging bowl of give-aways; to down trodden,weaker and poorer sections.Past 4-5 decades have seen gimmicky slogans but little  ground work to raise as true welfare state.

Converting the election into a trade,what candidates distribute to voters, they get many fold returns as votes. But  after being elected, voters get zilch in return.This loot is of public money, however it could have been their own share of white and transparent part to be distributed to them as an entitlement.

congress sp alliance1 SP   Congress Alliance & Polity Prospects In UP

The only short coming in present election  season is that it’s 3 corner fight with an edge favourite to BJP,as it’s motto is progressive policies,unlike SP or BSP. All become United in one core voice to blame BJP with fascist agenda,while,in fact,their own vote-luring in the name of caste and minority protection itself is fascism and racial discrimination against sons of soil.The nationalism fervour as BJP’s benchmark is also indigested.Sad part is that the SP and BSP will not join together with the governing body.

cong sp 1 SP   Congress Alliance & Polity Prospects In UP

May be UP experiments with minority form of government.
Viewing  as overall marching for betterment in various sector in our country, its promising that whosoever comes in power will have to do good to public at large.That also assures and means that gimmickry days will soon be of no use in electoral befooling.

By Vishwabandhu Bajpai
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